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Winning $20,000,000 By Mystic Laws

Details of an Interesting Demonstration of Direct-
ing, Based Upon Laws All May Use
By The Editor
[From The Mystic Triangle May 1925]
Of the hundreds who were startled by the Court's decision, the least surprised and least affected was the winner of the decision,--a decision which means at least $20,000,000 to a man who firmly and faithfully applied the mystic laws to his problem and with definite formula and right thinking directed the result so surprisingly to others.
The morning newspapers of every large city in February of this year announced the victory and commented upon it. Large type, feature articles, editorial sermons! All pointed out the one obvious lesson,--right does win over wrong, eventually! It was one of the most interesting news items of the month, or year; it was unusual; it had human interest; it had universal appeal; it had mystery.
Not one of the papers, however, pointed out the strange facts behind the whole case. Few knew them, perhaps; fewer could understand or believe them.
A poor man, so far as material wealth goes, living in the poorest section of San Francisco, suddenly raised to enormous wealth and national publicity by a Court decision. That is a good story in itself; but it is not the story that will interest our readers; there is a more instructive story back of this, dimly sensed by the reporters and others who heard the learned Judge render his decision and who saw the records in the case.
Here are the facts as we know them:
George Campbell Carson was a common laborer in mining camps in 1906, in and around Denver, Colorado. He was not a cultured, educated man, but he was a religious man in the sense that he had certain religious, ethical and moral standards. He did not carry these things on his sleeve, but he practised them to such an extent that he was generally considered as being trustworthy, gentle, dependable, ready to help others and give a kind word when others scoffed. He was a good workman and was in no way considered eccentric. He attended no particular church, but he did much reading and seemed to follow some line of philosophy which many of his co-workers could not grasp.
One day when watching others feeding the large furnaces used in smelting, he was inspired with the idea that a more practical, efficient and less costly way to do this one particular thing could be devised. He pondered over it for weeks, and in spare time and on holidays he experimented. Finally he prepared drawing on an idea that had been evolving in his mind and was definite enough to visualize. He was so surprised at the complete picture of the uncreated piece of machinery which grew in his mind that he was convinced that he was being guided by Cosmic direction. Understanding what such a privilege meant, he gave part of his thinking to meditation on the privileges of life, in thanks for the blessings he enjoyed and in planning co-operation with the Cosmic. And, he started a diary,--a book wherein he could write his daily meditations and note the growth of his attunement, as he called it.
It is because of the facts put into this diary as well as the fact that the diary established his development of an idea, that the decision of the Court was in his favor. For, he finally completed excellent drawings of his visualized idea and proceeded to secure patents. Not having sufficient funds to secure the services of patent attornies, and, according to his diary, depending upon the Cosmic principles which he invoked and which seemed to guide and direct his work, he filed the patent papers himself. Three times they were rejected because he had no registered attorney to look after the details and because of his inability to meet certain conditions. But, he was not discouraged, for he continued to see the invention materialized and working. The man-made laws of the land could not stop the working out of the Cosmic laws if he continued to meet the requirements and live the principles!
The pages of his diary, the most interesting book in psychic development and attunement the writer has seen in many years, tells the story well. At last the only technical point against the granting of the patents was that of spelling. He had not spelled certain words correctly! It was a test and trial, and Carson set to work to overcome this. He must master each obstacle, each test. Keep that in mind! He did not try to evade or over-ride one of them.
After securing patents which did not afford all the protection he hoped for, he traveled from smelter to smelter for months begging for a chance to build and demonstrate his machine, at the same time working as a laborer in order to support himself. Eventually the largest copper mining companies used his machine and are still using machines based upon his invention. Then he started pleadings for payment for his work, and in this wise encountered more obstacles.
Without attornies to assist he carried his case into various courts and has argued the case and fought his way through all the technicalities of these procedures alone. Not until the matter came before the United States Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco did some prominent attornies and helpers in such matters take an interest in the case; and solely because of Carson's demonstration of his faith in the laws he was applying.
In rendering the decision in favor of Carson against some of the largest copper companies in the world and in the face of the activities of many of the most prominent and highest paid attornies that these mining companies could secure, the Judge and his associates declared that although Carson's suit depended very largely on his unsupported testimony, "his simple, straightforward manner, his evident personal conviction in regard to certain elements entering into the history of the whole case, and the life which he had led in the past twenty years," convinced them that Carson was telling the truth about every detail.
Not one in the Court believed that Carson was moved by commercial, mercenary or selfish motives. Not one doubted the story he told of his Cosmic inspiration and guidance in inventing and perfecting the machine. Not one doubted but that the man was directing his case along the lines of higher laws, and all acknowledged the certainty of victory in such circumstances.
That our readers may have a more intimate glimpse of just what attitude Carson took with himself and toward the Cosmic in this whole affair, we give here one page of his diary. This entry was written on New Year's Eve of 1914. It was after many months of acute suffering from privation because of the lack of work in the cold winter months when storms prevented operations at the mining camps. It was written on a day when hunger and cold had punished him severely. He might have been deeply depressed and discouraged, for he had been working for several years trying to gain recognition for his inventive work and had failed. In the face of such obstacles and discouragement, note what he wrote on this New Year's Eve:
"As I look back over the year I can say that I have grown spiritually, that I am living a purer life, my health has improved and I am in a happier state of mind and therefore better equipped to fight material forces.
"I have not advanced materially and am poorer than ever before, with interest-bearing debts accumulating. I am just a common laborer of the most poorly paid men--yet with my increasing health and closer relations with the Cosmic world, I am happy. My inventions have not returned anything to me or the world, as yet.
"I shall not sit up tonight as has been my custom for the past few years, but will retire and rest in order to be better equipped for my labor tomorrow.
"My prayer tonight is--May the Divine Ruler show Himself plainer to me and send His messenger to me to teach me the truth."
What do you think of that! Is it not a masterpiece of mystic literature? Please note the following facts in that one day's notation,--facts which teach a sermon to those who are discouraged, down-hearted, poor, tested and tried:
First of all he starts the entry with an acknowledgment of appreciation for growth, for life itself. No bewailing of how desolate his life had become, but thanks, profound thanks. Each morning of his life he started the day with thanks for consciousness and life; each day he wrote in his diary his appreciation of what the day had given to him. And note, that in the appreciation expressed, he speaks of spiritual and mental growth, and of the fact that his life has become purer. This is what we meant when we said he had religious ideas. One need not be a Methodist, or a Presbyterian or any other classified sectarian to be religious; and one need not be living in the clouds and beyond the common touch to keep attuned with spiritual ideals and the influx of God's consciousness.
Then note that he frankly states that his spiritual growth, his mental growth, his purer life had put him into a happier state and had made him better equipped to fight the problems of life. Oh, ye discouraged ones, hearken to that! Not by grumbling, complaining, discord and anger did he try to meet the continued obstacles. Man is weakest when he is in anger; man is less constructive in his thinking when he is depressed and disconsolate; he is doomed to defeat when he is antagonistic and defiant. A happy state of mind, mental attunement with peace and an inner consciousness of Cosmic association brings power.
Then consider the next point. With all his problems he realized that there was work for him to do and that instead of concentrating on his poor lot in life and bemoaning, he must make himself ready for the labors of the next day. His diary shows that each New Year's Eve had been spent in meditation, reviewing the year's achievements, growth and advancement; but on this occasion he retired early to be ready for the work of the material world. What a wonderful lesson for those who believe they are following some magic system by trying to ignore the obligations of the material world, cast them aside and spend hours in affirming that they are rich, successful, superior, super men and women! All the while some real labors are waiting their attention, some real problems are being left unsolved and the "sweat of their brow" is non-productive.
Carson had every reason to believe that the Cosmic principles would see him through and bring him the reward of his labors; and a great reward it would be. But this did not deter him from continuing to labor for his daily bread. He did not rest on his oars and ask the "abundant supply" to carry him along until he could turn the Cosmic principles into cash. If you could hear Carson say how he knew what the outcome would be and how he knew also that while creating and directing the future of his career along the lines of Cosmic fulfillment, he was never unmindful of his obligations to God, his fellow man and his physical needs,--then you would understand the philosophy which guided him and which is the only philosophy worth while.
Lastly, consider his closing prayer. Was it a petition that the ever-ready supply of the universal should suddenly open its coffers and pour wealth into his lap? Was it a prayer to the unseen "masters" to take the necessities from others and bestow them upon him? Was it a cry for relief from physical and material misery? Was it a formula of affirmations falsely protesting that he was "rich in all that God can give, needful of nothing, happy in the fulness of universal brotherhood and the equal of the Gods," as one school of philosophy teaches in its system? Not this man! he asks for only one thing, the greatest thing in life, the paramount thing in life of a mystic, the real need of every Christian man and woman, of every heathen, of every infidel, of every New Thoughter, Scientist, Theosophist, of every Jew and Roman Catholic: that God, the Divine Ruler, the Great Architect, the Divine Mind, the Jehova, the Master of all Masters, the God of our Hearts, the Lord of Hosts, would show unto him in his consciousness and quicken his perception, send His Messenger, the Dove, the Inspiration, the Illumination, and teach him the TRUTH!
How magnificent! Our hearts go out to this man. With all the wealth that has been awarded to him by this one court decision and the greater wealth that will come from other inevitable decisions against other mining companies in the next six months, he will not lose the Cosmic association nor the common, human, divine touch.
He has taught the world a lesson, and America especially needed the lesson,--America, fraught with so much in the Light and yet filled with misleading philosophies and systems which take man away from God, from Cosmic attunement and from the right Path to real wealth and success. No book that the seeker for attainment may read, no sermon preached in any church, no lesson bitterly learned through experience, can teach the thousands of psychology and New Thought students the lesson that this man's experience teaches.
And, it is what we, who know the case so well, call practical mysticism. It is typical of the principles taught in the Rosicrucian lectures; it is typical of the experiences told by those who keep their feet upon earth, their minds charged with their daily obligations, their hearth filled with the happiness of understanding, knowledge of the laws and faith in the real scheme of things, and their souls looking onward and upward to the fulfillment of the Cosmic law. All must be in unison, all must be rational, all must be practical. That, is the Rosicrucian way!

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