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[From The Rosicrucian Digest June 1943]
Most of us take health and good fortune as a matter of course. A number of us pay tribute solely to ourselves for our successes, be they large or small. However, when adversity strikes, we are wont to lay our grievances at the feet of another, or we suddenly become very much aware that there is some higher power than our own to whom we appeal immediately for succor. Too often, even a daily prayer which we originally intended to express sincerely our gratitude for Divine munificence degrades into a meaningless habit. It is only when we make some sacrifice each day, no matter how small, as a token of our gratitude, that we truly become conscious of our Cosmic benefits and obligations. This self-admission of even the simple rewards of life strengthens us to face the occasional adversities with courage.
The following is an excerpt from a letter by a Frater of humble station in life. He has made a simple, daily ritual of his appreciation of the Cosmic benefits of health and peace of mind which he enjoys. He says: "The enclosed small amount, to be used as you see fit, is the accumulation of 5 a day. I never fail to lay aside this little amount each night for the blessings and privileges of each day, regardless of what comes to pass during the day. Of course, I never use it for my personal benefit, but rather only to assist someone else in some way. The last few monographs' instruction of closing the day with prayer and thanks, and also on beginning the day, are things that I have been doing for several years, that is, most of them. I find more enjoyment from life, even sleeping and eating better than ever."

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