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The Inwardness of Events

 By J. Brierley
[From The Rosicrucian Digest April 1962]
Events yield their essence in proportion to the quality and character of the being in contact with them. They are thus, in a sense, the looking-glass in which we behold ourselves. "If you journey to the end of the world," says a modern mystic, "none but yourself shall you meet on the highway of fate."
When we consider the inconceivable number of events that sweep across our life pathway, their bewildering variety, their unexpectedness, their often sinister and even terrible aspect, we might easily be led to think that on their side, at least, we were in a world of chance, where was no complete or benign supervision. Events seem so often to be destroyers rather than teachers.
A deeper study of them should reassure us. For it will show that in their seeming wildest aberrations they are subject to a spiritual law, the same which rules in our own breasts. It is, indeed, by their constant attrition upon our life that the letters of this law are rubbed into distinctness. . . .
To discover and be firmly convinced of this higher law underlying events is, perhaps, the greatest result of the education through which they put us. To be quite assured that the event, however grisly its shape, can never hurt you provided you are faithful to the spiritual law; that, with this condition observed, it will, in fact, infallibly lift you a point higher in the scale of life, is practically the winning of the battle.
From Ourselves and the Universe (Thomas Whittaker, New York, 1905)
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