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 [From The American Rosae Crucis June 1916]
THE SOUL OF AN ORGAN.  By Louise Vescelius-Sheldon.  Published by the Christopher Publishing Company, 1140 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass.  Price.  $1.00.  A pleasing little book on the health-restoring agency of music.  The widespread interest in music, which is growing daily, is certainly an avenue through which the higher forces can work directly for the alleviation of human suffering.
BROTHER OF THE THIRD DEGREE.  By Will E. Garver.  Published by Purdy Publishing Co., 1,000 Mallers Bldg., Chicago, Ill.  An occult story of Mystic Initiation worthy of a place beside Lytton's "Zanoni," and "A Strange Story," or the celebrated "Count de Gabalis."  It is well written, giving many occult truths in an interesting and pleasing manner.  We recommend this book to all true seekers whether Rosaecrucians or not.  To those who have received illumination it is of added interest, because of the vivid descriptions of this soul's trials and tests in its desire for knowledge.
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