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 [From The American Rosae Crucis August 1917]
"THE AMATEUR PHILOSOPHER," by Carl H. Grabo, published by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. Price $1.50 net. This book is a life story of the author, recounting the personal experiences and reasonings, covering a long period of years. He recounts his experience in college and illustrates how aimless the average college education really is, and that the student really starts life after having finished his course in college. The author speculates a great deal in abstract theories of the old dogmatic creeds and in the continuity of life, its possibilities and probabilities.
His conclusions are defined in the following sentences:
"God and the vital principle of life, as I have endeavored to define them, do not explain existence completely. I cannot conceive how matter is born of nothingness, nor can I tell how life first seized upon inanimate matter and made use of it for its purposes. But these difficulties are inherent in the constitution of the human intellect. They are in the nature of the mental life and must ever remain insurmountable difficulties in the way of a complete understanding of life. They are in the realms of the unknowable. It is as though the universe were a hollow sphere and we within it. What lies beyond its confines we cannot know, and our guesses inevitably lead us into paradox. But within the limitations of our experience and the human mould of our minds we must devise the best explanations that we can, must endeavor to conceive of God and the chief ends of man, must determine the importance of conduct and devise a code of morals for our guidance. In doing this we make use of reason to supplement our deepest guides, the intuitions.
"Intuition I have made the source of my philosophy, according the reason a secondary place. I have done this for the reason that our intuitions seem to lie closer to the vital principle of life than does the intellect."
By Anne Rix Militz
Here is a small book, attractively printed, easily carried in the pocket to read at those times when one feels the need of inspirational thought. The very first paragraph of the book reveals the subject of its contents, for the author tells us: "Every one that is born upon this earth carries his own life preserver within himself."
Throughout the book there is the breath of Christianity and the creeds and doctrines of the man Jesus; and we find a very good thought expounded that, "character is a talisman." Certainly no one should wish for a greater good luck charm, a greater protection against evil influences and the wrath of man than a beautiful character. In the latter part of the book, we find many prayer thoughts. One of the great psalms of protection starts with this declaration which is recommended to all Rosaecrucians: "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."
We understand that the book is having a good sale and it deserves it and we take this opportunity to recommend the book. The small price of twenty-five cents makes it available to everyone and it is sold by the Master Mind Publishing Company, 649 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, Cal. This company, by the way, publishes the Master Mind Magazine, a good magazine of its kind for thought students and if our readers and friends and members have not seen the magazine it would be well for them to send for a copy and understand the Christian interpretation of the New Thought work.
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