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  [From The American Rosae Crucis July 1916]
PATIENCE WORTH, A PSYCHIC MYSTERY, Henry Holt & Co., New York, $1.40 net, is a compilation of prose and verse, written down through the medium of the ouija board. The genuineness is vouched for by Mr. Casper S. Yost, editorial director of St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
The book is not claimed to be, nor is it, a spiritualistic treatise. It is primarily writings of a subconscious mind (Mrs. Curran's), and proves more the theory of reincarnation than spiritualistic phenomena. If Mrs. Curran could trace back her life to 1756 we think she could find Patience Worth.
It is interesting and instructive, full of gems of thought.

BEING WELL-BORN. By Michael F. Guyer. Published by Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 12mo, cloth, $1.00 net. A scholarly volume on a timely question, explaining the effects of heredity and environment on the human species. It treats of man from a materialistic standpoint only, not recognizing other forces than actual, concrete matter. It is not to be expected that the learned professor would admit that the vibrations set in motion by the mind would influence or create results in the body, either before or after conception. Man is more than animal and cannot be regulated by the laws of eugenics, because of this difference.
The book is very interesting and helpful, and its arguments are scientific, but does not to our mind go into cause but rather effect. This is, however, not a fault of the writer but rather of the school system.

THE INFLUENCE OF JOY. By George Van Ness Dearborn. $1.00 net, Little Brown & Company, Boston, Mass. One of the Mind and Health Series published by this well-known firm.
It is a scientific exposition of both the mechanism and the basic emotions in the human organism. This book is especially recommended to our readers and should be found in every lodge library as well as owned privately. Other books of this series will be reviewed at length in later issues.

WAYS TO LASTING PEACE. By David Starr Jordan, of California. Professor Jordan has in this book given the world a clear, compact, digested summary of the thought of the nations on this important subject. He defines Peace like a regular Rosaecrucian would: The Dove symbolizing Contentment, Armed Peace like the watchful hyena, and the Permanence of Law, the guardian St. Bernard. $1.00 net. Published by Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, Ind.

SIDE-STEPPING ILL HEALTH. By Edwin F. Bowers, M.D., $1.35 net. Published by Little, Brown & Company, Boston, Mass. This compact volume is written by a practising physician in a useful and instructing way. It is very entertainingly and sensibly written in that breezy style Dr. Bowers is master of.
Unlike the average medical work that fills the mind of the reader full of terms and technical names and leaves him bewildered, Dr. Bowers explains the various kinds of colds and what to do for them, and there is a chapter on insomnia which alone is worth the price of the book.

THE ASTROLOGICAL BULLETINA. Edited by Llewellyn George. $1.00 a year. P. O. Box 638, Portland, Oregon.
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  1. Casper S. Yost - Patience Worth: A Psychic Mystery
  2. Michael F. Guyer - Being Well-Born
  3. George Van Ness Dearborn - The Influence of Joy
  4. David Starr Jordan - Ways to Lasting Peace
  5. Edwin F. Bowers - Side-Stepping Ill Health

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