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Making Dreams Come True

By Fra. Arthur B. Bell
[From The Mystic Triangle August 1928]
Many of our members, particularly at this time, are keenly interested in gathering together a sufficient amount of money with which to make the trip to Egypt next January. This is rather clearly indicated in the vast amount of correspondence arriving at headquarters each week, thus proving beyond question that the prospect of a journey to mystical lands has intrigued the imagination, and created an almost overwhelming desire on the part of each to be amongst those who will take advantage of this opportunity of a life time.
It is just such an ambition as this, born of intense yearning, which frequently changes the entire course of one's life, for the reason, that thought being creative, the unseen forces of nature immediately set about to bring into manifestation the things needed to fulfill the Law, THAT THOUGHT MUST CORRELATE WITH ITS OBJECT.
Even as I write I have before me letters from certain of our members who wrote in some weeks ago stating that they earnestly desired to be included with those making the trip, but unfortunately did not have at the time sufficient means and no special prospects of getting it, but that they would bend every effort to do so. Of the many who wrote us in this vein, several have recently requested us to make their reservations POSITIVE, stating that the way had now opened and finances had become available. Herein lies a profound secret, but only a secret because most of us so easily and casually pass over the very Laws and Principles in our Lectures which specifically deal with this very subject.
Let us see what happened to bring about the change in the financial affairs of the few who have apparently been so fortunate. FIRST, an intense desire came into existence. SECOND, a FIRM MENTAL CONVICTION took possession of the thinker and, as it were, he or she said, "Yes, I will go." As they said it, they believed it and felt it, yes, they actually KNEW it, thus preventing even the slightest element of doubt from entering their consciousness. THIRD, activity took possession of them and they began to seek ways and means of bringing into manifestation the thing they had desired and mentally created, for in the intensity of their thought the desire went forth into the Cosmic. The seed was planted; it began to grow; it was kept well nurtured, until presently the fruit of this thought matured and was ready for harvest and the so-called impossible had happened.
Even those of us who learn first hand of such demonstrations, very often permit ourselves to think that the result was merely a piece of luck, good fortune, or whatever you may please to call it, and thereby admit to ourselves that the LAW of SUPPLY, if such a one really does exist, may work for one but at least it does not work for all. How far from the truth! But, of one thing you may be certain and that is that the Law of Supply will never apply itself. You are the one who must apply it--not just part of it, but all of it--complete--in its entirety.
I am going to give you an example of the working of this Law, and it is a concrete one which came under my actual observation. The man concerned had contracted some very heavy obligations on several pieces of property, and after a time he found it difficult to meet the interest payments on the loans. I know that the gentleman paved the way for his apparent misfortune at the time the money was borrowed when he wondered whether he would be able to meet the large interest demands. As time wore on he became more and more doubtful and finally was seized with a gripping fear of loss and ruination. One day the point was reached when one of the loans came due. All the while he had maintained a consciousness of impending doom, being consumed with fear and dread that the loan could not be refinanced. Sure enough, it worked out this way. Everyone approached rejected the loan. What could be done!
This man for a number of years had been a devoted student of metaphysics. He had studied and conjured with this Law of Supply, for he believed in its existence and had seen it work for others, yet what a mess he had made of it himself. A miracle happened! I wonder if you will call it that? Let's see what it was and then you may answer the question for yourselves.
Our most unhappy friend suddenly came to the realization that he had been perverting this Law of Supply and as he sat down with himself to analyze minutely the things which were so unpleasantly binding him hand and foot, he began to see that the conditions he was then experiencing, were absolutely perfect fruits which had matured in exact accordance with the kind of seeds he had planted in his mind. Here was one labelled LACK. This told him that his income had failed, just as he expected. He saw another which had plainly inscribed upon it, FEAR. He had indulged in this to the limit. He looked again and saw an exact replica of DREAD. How he had dreaded the time when those interest payments would come due and the hour when the refinancing of that big loan would come.
His seeds had been planted, matured and now the crop was ready for harvest. It was bounteous--the garden was filled yet nothing in it was what he actually wanted. Alas, his own chickens had come home to roost!
When the survey of his labors was completed and he understood that he had planted unwisely, he came to a firm, positive conclusion, and that was that he would plough under all of this undesirable and unwanted rubbish and replant his garden. This, was the miracle. At last he had come to a point of real understanding and now knew that the wonderful Law of Supply had not been applied at all. It was a most difficult undertaking and required some ninety days to completely uproot all of the negative and useless thoughts, but it was accomplished. During the period of adjustment he sought only PEACE and HARMONY, and again, and again, yes, hundreds of times he had to bring these two beautiful, comforting thoughts back into his mind to replace the negative ideas which had gained such prominence and power.
The troublesome loan was refinanced yet it was said to be impossible. Another property was sold, and this also was regarded as impossible but the Law was now working, and could not be impeded or stopped, because constructive thoughts are power themselves and may neither be denied or thwarted. The fact that conditions were reversed and fortune smiled again was not the miracle but rather the perfectly natural working of the Law. The miracle was in the correct reasoning, and the understanding that came to our friend in his hour of darkest need.
Let us now go back to the beginning of our story that we may study for a moment another factor in the case. You see even at the outset that two separate and distinct sets of thoughts were given consideration. First, was the thought that all would be well. Second, fear, dread, and doubt then entered and were given the greatest consideration while poor little hope was permitted to wither and die, being completely crowded out by the rank, fast growing weeds which were thoughtlessly given the right of way.
Thus, it will be seen that if we wish our desires, the real ones, to come into expression, we must cherish, cultivate and protect them. In other words, keep the garden well weeded and thereby give your hopes and aspirations the needed opportunity to work for us. If you do not receive that which you have earnestly desired you may be sure that your work has somewhere been neglected. How easy it is to blame another for our troubles, yet in the last analysis we must admit, if even only to ourselves that our thinking is responsible for these trials and tribulations for we must reap as we sow. It is inescapable.
If you wish comfortable surroundings and favorable conditions, think upon these things and make your thoughts so pleasant and charming in your mental picture that you can see yourself thus surrounded and an integral part of your plan. Then strive, strive to open the way so that you may be prepared to receive your creation when it is finished.
Do not attempt at first to deal with the larger matters as you will most likely have difficulty in dealing with them, because of the question which will arise in your mind of the probability of their accomplishment. Start with the smaller matters and as each demonstration is made you begin to establish CONFIDENCE and each added effort is made the easier. The question of probability is an important one for as most of you have learned in the Lectures, the objective mind must first reach a positive conclusion, a firm mental conviction as to what is to be done before the suggestion or command may be passed on to the subjective mind, for this mind reasons deductively. Therefore, be sure of what you want and then stand firm!

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