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 The Divine Destiny

By Milton D. Apao
[From The Rosicrucian Digest March 1947]
If there is something beyond the conception of human physical consciousness that keeps the zeal of your love for the Divine ever burning ...
If there is something quite imponderable from within that tends the ever-increasing urge of your inner self toward searching the most sacred temple for Cosmic Attunement ...
If there is something immeasurable in its force of spiritual vibration, infusing your being, that moves and shifts your life to the highest moral goal and self-perfection ...
That something is the mystical fire, the heat of the spiritual energy, the burning Heart of the Divine Soul which consumes your passions and all your mundane desires so that you will begin to resign from this finite life to reside in that infinite Divine Source which draws all the living matter into the realm of ultimate Goodness, as well as creates and regenerates all nonliving matter for the greatest Cosmic harmonium into which God, ever since creation, has designed everything for the complete and absolute oneness in Himself.
Allow that Divine Fire to forge your being into a new state of life;
Allow that ever-vibrating spirit energy to evolve you into the higher plane of perfection; and finally
Allow that Soul Fire of Mystery to transmute your mental and physical consciousness and bring you into a closer and perfect union of the Cosmic All, for into that Oneness and perfection in God, "out of His own image," you are created and destined.

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