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The Moment of Decision

By Elsa F. Angle, F.R.C.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest August 1952]

Man will come to know that evil is only the shadow of the real.  A change of position, an influx of light from other directions will reveal the weakness, and thereby will be removed the endangering aspect.
Man is forced into a higher mental altitude in order to recreate better conditions for himself.  Never before has he found so much mental guidance and help.  In fact he can hardly escape it, as higher teachings are brought to him from all directions.  Whether he reads, or listens to the radio, or attends a lecture or a sermon, he will find much substantial food for the mind, and it will provoke and stimulate an earnest desire to learn more of vital facts and truths which alone lead the way to conquer evil in its various forms.
We are definitely going forward and upward, though it is at a certain price, which each one pays according to his qualifications.  The individual is challenged to take his stand and so give unmistakable proof of his position in this warfare between good and evil.  It is his great privilege to enlarge the Light and so diminish the shadow.

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