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Majestic Ocean

By Soror Elsa F. Angle
[From The Rosicrucian Digest March 1937]

FATHOMLESS, mysterious ocean, full of revelation and threats; who can sit at thy bosom and contemplate thy ceaseless action without being stimulated to thought adventures?
Whatever the nature or momentary mood of the observer, he will find himself calmed and refreshed by the soothing sound and rhythm of the waves. And the powerful and majestic action of the turbulent sea will fill him with awe and humility, because he clearly recognizes his own weakness and puniness by comparison.
Man has reaped untold benefits by the harnessing of the mighty forces of nature, which are meant to be utilized by him. But it can be done successfully only in compliance with natural law; when man tries in humility to adjust himself to the underlying, established and compelling routine. We see many wonderful accomplishments due to such wise adjustment, in the progressive development of ships, in fishing and diving methods. The surface and the depth are serving man admirably when he is able to cope with nature understandingly and master the arising situation. The composure and method of action in an emergency is always in proportion to the understanding of underlying laws, and the results bear undeniable testimony.
Are we not living in an ocean of turbulence at all times, seeing the waves rolling by; delightful at times, threatening always? There is much to be learned of life and its laws if one would be able to make some headway or occasionally float in content safely. One certainly has to know the laws of destiny in order to know when to utilize an oncoming wave constructively and when to avoid being in the way of destructive forces. Whether one jumps or dives, or resorts to a more original method of escape is all a matter of personal skill and knowledge. Only the foolhardy or uninstructed will try to oppose established law; while skillful adjustment proves accumulated wisdom, and assures more pleasant experiences.
Life becomes very interesting when one senses the purpose of it and then makes an earnest effort to learn to cope with it intelligently. One may just paddle at the edge of it without ever learning the joy of entering into it deeply; or one may learn gradually but persistently how to strike out boldly and courageously and dive into the fulness of it because familiar with many laws to govern one's actions. One may even attain such mastership of life as to be able to ride on the crest of the waves just holding the reins and utilizing the powers, ever ready to serve man who has attained control successfully.
There is a great example established for mankind which guides us like a beacon light in our efforts. It was the great Master's illustration in walking above, on top of, the waves. We may never be called upon to show great skill in the watery element of the ocean, but it is safe to say that most of us will meet circumstances in life when the waves will roll so wildly that nothing but keeping above them can save us. In cases of "swim or sink" splendid performances and records are possible, but the final goal to be achieved is to keep all upsetting, conflicting turbulence under foot and rise into the joy and calm of established mastery.

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