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An Ancient Manuscript from India
with Ritual for the Dawn
[From The Mystic Triangle June 1925]

Editor's Note: The following is a fragment from an old manuscript from a Temple of Mysticism in India. Its beauty and inspiration compares with many ancient writings. It was originally intended to be used by the seekers for Inspiration and Cosmic Help in the morning, at sunrise. Facing the rising sun in the open, or at an open window, the adept first took a number of deep breaths of pure air and then read the following matter and meditated upon it for a few minutes before starting the day's activities. It will be found useful, indeed, in this way. The references to part of the Christian Bible prove that it was written and used in the years following the early editions of the Bible when the Books therein were read in a mystical sense.
"There shall come a day when singing, the words shall utter themselves, and they shall be strong words as of a trumpet and clear calls of a clarion.
"In those days will I be with thee to bless thee and in thy hand shall be found righteousness. Of the Word I speak and none shall stay me.
"Here abide Three. The man who slayeth his Master. The Master who saveth the man. The Spirit whose Word buildeth. And they abide as One."
Ritual for the Dawn
Facing the East bow to the first rays preceding the Lord of Day and raising the hands, palms outward in supplication, say:
"Behold! The Darkness flees before Thee; even now the shadows depart and fade away, and here stand I and those with me, servants still of the Great Ones, having endured through the night.
"In the day about to dawn, grant us purpose and will to conceive and accomplish Thy Plan, for this, Thy Day. Live in us as understanding and on the High Altar of our Hearts descend as Peace.
"Before Thy Majesty let lesser purposes die and things of self flee from before Thy Rays.
"Behold the Flame which we have lit upon Thy Altar and accept the sacrifice of the lesser self to Thee in all humility.
"Grant us courage and knowledge and strength to bear Thy Light before all men: to light the lower lands of matter wherein men tread the ways to the Christ Spirit. Through It we approach Thee, Oh Divine."
Stand with hands above the head and draw down and spread abroad as though receiving and distributing from a Higher Source. Draw up from earth and hold cupped hands above to symbolize bringing matter up to be vivified and blessed.
Cross hands and arms over the chest and say:
"Oh! Lord of Life and Bearer of Day, purify me, heart and mind, and dwell in the Holy Place I now prepare for Thee."
Daily Lesson
In the beginning a Nameless Wonder--all perfect, all sufficient.
Of a poise so balanced, none but its Own Self could comprehend All that It was--Unknown, Unknowable!
Of a Great Splendor, Magnificence, Majesty and Power:
More than the Mind of Man can ever understand!
In the beginning was God! Then God spoke the Word
And the Word was with God, and the Word was God--
All Splendor, Magnificence, Majesty and Power,
More than the Mind of Man could understand!
And then the Word took flesh, and became Man, the Christ-being,
All Splendor, Magnificence and Power--
More than the Mind of Man now understands!
The Word was God, God in great Humility,
Veiled in the fleshy body of a little child--
Power hidden in the feeble clutchings of a baby hand,
Might, Majesty, and Splendor helpless in a Mother's arms;
So great a Mystery the Mind of Man tries not to understand!
A Cross! A Love made Manifest, by yielding up itself
That man might live; A God exhalted on a Cross of Pain--
A King! crowned with a Crown of Thorns--
A-living and a-dying again: once again
A Mystery the Mind of Man should understand!
Become as little children, make your mind as simple
And as free from guile! Lay down your cares,
Your joys, your world activities, and draw apart,
And rest awhile!
All that is lovely, pure and holy, think on!
And ask in humbleness, in great simplicity, that
God will speak the Word as to that little child;
And, that which Mind of Man could never understand
To you may be revealed.
And in the silence of your meditation, a Peace
Which none save God can give, will dwell in
The Temple of your Heart;
And God the Father, God the Son, and
God the Holy Ghost, eternally revealed!
Read the Book of Revelations without these references to World Periods or Cosmic Unfoldings, with which things, in the concrete, Man, as such, has nothing to do. It is a great record of the slow evolution and purification of the seven principles which are the Seven Churches.
Men have been so attracted by the outer, they have failed to take due account of the inner; so absorbed by the Not-Self, they have ignored the Self. So blinded with ignorance, they have passed the Great and Simple only to become entangled with the Gross and Complex. "Man, know Thyself" has been the cry of the Great Teachers in all ages and only here and there has man drawn inward, seeking in truth to know himself.
It is a great truth, simply stated, that until man knows himself, he cannot know the Not-Self. He cannot understand the manifestations of God until he knows God.
It is true that Revelations, in one of its phases refers to Cosmic Periods, both lesser and greater--both cycles and eons, but no man has yet approached a correct interpretation who had not first studied and found the interpretation within himself. Man, being the Microcosm of the Macrocosm, he must seek the interpretation of his soul alone, but of himself into his entire seven principles, the gift of Great, Living Intelligence, each Principle Divine in itself and given to man to harmonize and make subservient to him. It is not to be supposed that man can accomplish that which is destined to make him more than man, without a struggle. Here, then, lies your proper study. And we would say the same to those surrounding you. Prophecy is dangerous. It presupposes a knowledge of the working laws of the Karmic Adjusters, a Knowledge not shared by man. As an event approaches, or comes within its aura, man may be cognizant of it and a flash of inspiration or intuition may show him the truth or an about-to-be-accomplished fact, but even here he may misinterpret. In the lower principles he cannot perfectly differentiate. Seek not for prophetic revelation, therefore. Deal with what IS as presented to your daily consciousness. Herein is your Path. Study yourself and study those about you. Their divinity will become apparent as your own dawns upon you.
Observe the Spirit of the Race at its work. Listen to the voice of the Mother and put your hand unfalteringly in the hand of the Father. Hold your feet steadily upon the ground. For this purpose is your Pilgrim's Staff given to you, to plant firmly and aid your feet and knees.
Holding your feet on the soil does not mean for you to become identified with passion and desire, ambition, pride, the earthly manifestations of high attributes. These have not to do with that understanding typified by the feet and lower limbs. They rise from a false identification of the Self with the Principle of Desire,--"The Sea." Study the manifestations of nature in yourself and in others. You may occasionally go to the old writings for inspiration or leading, but to you it is given to apprehend new truths to be recorded in such words as are at your command and these must be found within, not in any faulty translation of long penned works. And to you it is given to clothe old truths in new form for the helping of other oncoming souls. Read the old books for rest and refreshment. The inner one knows them all but works not from them except they aid the outer one to contact the Divine Ideation. And you are in training; all this is not the work of a moment of one lifetime. All you can give of study to train the lower mind, all you can compass of selflessness to refine the inner vehicles through which thought must pass to its concrete expression in words, all of daily duty strictly attended to, all of respect and compassion for those near to you, bound with you in evolution, all will aid in the Great Work. Never confuse your own part in the work with the part given to another. Each is necessary. Through each, work the Masters of human evolution.
Study then, the manifestations of life as you find them in yourself and others, dispassionately. Refrain from carelessly attributing to one principle a manifestation having its proper seat in another. From the highest to the lowest all is ONE. Begin therefore with that which is at hand.
The Book of Revelations by the present generation should be studied from the point of view of the different manifestations of the Divine Creative Principle in its aspect especially as manifestation of sex. With this key observe the mistakes (not sins--sin is conscious. Man is learning and his mistakes arise from ignorance and inability to direct the force given him to use). Observe the mistakes into which man falls and has fallen and the outworking of the Karma therewith connected. Never condemn yourself or others; merely observe, deduce, record and learn.
Through knowledge shall the earth be saved and the Great Ones walk the earth as of old. Watch the trail of the Scorpion as he falls through the air (where he first becomes visible for what he is) into the sea which become blood. When the Scorpion is in the earth he is there the Father Principle within the Mother. See thou tell it not. Therefore the tree brings forth, the sap rises, the leaves start, the blossom comes and the fruit follows. So the plant its bloom. So the animal, being yet of the earth, brings forth its young.
But the Scorpion shall rise out of the earth, out of the Sea, through the air, carrying with it its starry crown, the redemption of humanity.

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