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A Sign is Given

By Frater Cyrus V. Woodman
[From The Rosicrucian Digest December 1929]
THE multitude demanded a sign from the Master Jesus that He might prove His divine authority. They saw not in His message the authority of His mission. Paying no attention to His message, they did not practice what He recommended, and they failed to experience the spiritual touch, which would have revealed to them the sign they sought.
A sign is given to all who walk along the Path and become attuned with Cosmic consciousness. This sign is the increasing sensitiveness to the world's joys and sorrows accompanied by an infusion of discernment and creative power.
Each who enters upon the path and proceeds to develop must expect to find every center of the psychic being becoming more highly attuned and receptive, and therefore, more sensitive to the mental and spiritual vibrations of the universe. As we journey along, we find that we become increasingly sensible of the prayers in the hearts of the millions about us and of the joys and raptures of those who have found peace.
At times, we feel the loneliness that Jesus felt, and that every good master and every soul expression feels in this world of complex natures. But each period of loneliness is followed by a period of intense realization of the universal contact that is being increased in our consciousnesses. We realize more and more that the soul of all being is united and that the tears of sorrow, the smiles and joys of each are ours also. This makes life filled with realization and makes our existence truly abundant in its fullness of manifestation.
There are moments when we feel that the world is empty, and that we alone are upon the path which all have forsaken, and which now seems like a sand-swept route over a great desert. No imprints are there to show that any have preceded us, and no sign indicates that any follow. Before us there are only the rolling sand dunes fading into the golden sunlit horizon of a western sky; behind us the path we trod fades into the night, and we seem to be absolutely alone.
At other times, the bright light of the midday sun or the fascinating silver light of the moon and stars illuminate and reveal the existence of thousands of companions, who are with us in our journey, and whose smiles and laughter, lightness of hearts, and joyous living encourage us and show us the beauty of the course we have taken. No longer are we indifferent to signs and indifferent to any manifestation of attunement. The thrill that comes to us at sunrise when we break the spell of sleep consciousness and greet the coming of another day and the peace that comes to us at night when we lie our bodies down in slumber to live in Cosmic realms and the intensity of the life force that rises in us with each breath we take and with each coming of an inspiring thought are signs that show us the divine authority, for our studies and our practices as students of the great work of the masters.
In our loneliness we are alone only in a physical sense in our joys and companionship, we are surrounded by multitudes, invisible perhaps to those not on the path, but real and lifelike to our souls. The music of the spheres becomes real music, indeed. The creative powers of the universe move our beings to creative contemplation, and our thoughts radiate in building empires of marvelous spirituality and worlds of material goodness. The blessings of life, the requirements of our daily existence, the luxuries of our dreams come closer to realization day by day, and we find our selves seeing the sign of God's spirit in all things.
Seek ye, therefore, the path and with all its complex impressions and all its vacillating expressions live the life abundant and enjoy to the fullest extent the attunement with the developing and evolving soul of mankind inspired by the God consciousness that actuates all beings.

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