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An Open Letter To All Rosicrucians

From Mrs. H. Spencer Lewis
[From The Rosicrucian Digest September 1939]
FROM the depths of a heart torn with the pain of bereavement, I desire to thank all the Sorores and Fratres for their loving and ever-constant prayers for the continuance of their beloved Imperator's life--a life precious to his devoted followers, and doubly so to his family.
As we all have learned, the plans of the Cosmic are often very different from ours, and while Dr. Lewis has been removed from our objective sight and we will sorely miss his voice, his wonderful personality, his dear presence, we know that he has simply "graduated" ahead of us because he was more ready for the work of the "higher grades."
His love and service to Humanity have created a bond among all sisters and brothers of the Order that can never be broken. The sincerity of his purpose, his benevolence and benediction pervade every inch of the Rosicrucian Headquarters, and I know when you come to visit you will feel his benign presence even more closely--just as we do in the home.
Your devoted and loyal affection for Dr. Lewis is a blessed staff upon which I may lean in my hours of adjustment, and you all know how each and every one of you had his or her own place in his loving, generous heart. To have been his partner and his close companion for twenty-five years was a God-given privilege and will remain always as a sacred memory.
To you--his devoted followers--I send my love, and I know that as long as Life shall last you will cherish in your hearts loving, tender memories of your brother and friend, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis.

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