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[From The Rosicrucian Digest July 1949]
BIOGRAPHERS, in searching for the character of a man in his life and works, look for a thread of continuity. They seek some persistent activity, thought or constantly expressed purpose, which may represent the man. The writings of the late Imperator, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, his numerous books, magazine articles, and official Rosicrucian monographs, reveal a chain of emphasis. Persistently in his writings, he has explained that the Rosicrucian teachings are not the product of his mind--or that of any single man--but a descent of traditional teachings. Further, he likewise remarked in numerous places that he considered himself but a channel for the enlargement upon, and the presentation of, the teachings in modern form. He considered his life as dedicated to the service of the Rosicrucian Order. The following are quotations from his writings:
"... I became interested in the organization as a young man, and all through my youth I was placed in contact with eminent religious teachers and writers, with artists, philosophers and investigators, whose effect on my life very definitely prepared me in this incarnation for the position which I now occupy."
And further, "... I did not invent the Rosicrucian system and I did not discover it by accident--or the one who prepared the original outlines of all lectures and graded lessons. I have simply added to them and carefully worded them in present-day form, in accordance with a rule and system that has been established for centuries."
How well he labored and how successful he was in re-establishing the ancient "rule and system" is evidenced in the current activities of the A. M. O. R. C. Enemies of the Order, even today, seek to undermine the work which he has done. They attempt to place words in his mouth which he never uttered and to malign his character. He had anticipated this and prepared for it.
A memorial service, honoring Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, late Imperator, will be held on August 2, at 3:15 p. m., Pacific Standard Time, which is the anniversary of his transition in 1939. Rosicrucian officers and members of his family will gather in the Amenhotep Shrine at Rosicrucian Park, where the ashes of Dr. Lewis' mortal remains are interred. We ask that Rosicrucians and friends of the Order everywhere pause for a moment's meditation in his memory at 3:15 p. m., Pacific Standard Time, on the above date, which was the exact moment of his Great Initiation.

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