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[From The Rosicrucian Digest July 1943]
THERE are two general kinds of noble deeds. First, those that serve an immediate need of humanity; that is, where time is of the essence of importance. Second, those that constitute a lasting source of succor or benefit to which mankind can always turn. Both have equal merit, and it would be an injustice to the value of each to attempt to compare them. Rarely, however have there been humans who have so lived that their lives and deeds were a source of beneficence and happiness to posterity as well as to the contemporaries. One of such men was the late Imperator, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis. His seeming Cosmic ordination for his office was manifest in the love and admiration extended him by the world-wide membership of the Rosicrucian Order during his lifetime. This affection was engendered by the deep appreciation for his personal achievements which were poured in AMORC, and in which thousands of members participated with joy.
Four years will have elapsed this August 2nd since his transition and Higher Initiation in the year 1939. Time, instead of diminishing the irradiance of Dr. Lewis' labors, has rather intensified them, for what he wrote, built, conceived and organized has shown itself able to withstand the test of changing conditions. Moreover, the undependability of the times has made many of his creations more useful than ever. They have become a sanctuary in which the distressed and troubled may find refuge while girding themselves mentally and spiritually for further conflict with the vicissitudes of life.
The annals of Rosicrucianism are replete with great personalities of every century--philosophers, mystics, scientists, humanitarians. They have become ideals to which the Neophyte may look with hope and pride. It is no vanity, however, to say that Dr. Lewis, though humble, even self-effacing in manner, has become for most Rosicrucians today an embodiment of the precepts of the Order's teachings.
In accordance with established custom, on the anniversary of his transition a memorial period of meditation will be held. On the date of Monday, August 2nd, and on the exact hour of his transition, 3:15 P. M., Pacific Coast Standard Time (Pacific War Time, 4:15 P. M.) officers of the Rosicrucian Order will sit in meditation for a period of three minutes in the Egyptian Shrine in Rosicrucian Park, where the ashes of his earthly remains are interred. It is kindly requested that all Rosicrucians everywhere, if possible, attune with those assembled in the Shrine during this period, in memory of Dr. H. Spencer Lewis.
The offices and buildings at Rosicrucian Park will be closed throughout the day of August 2nd in respect for the occasion.

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