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 [From The Rosicrucian Digest July 1941]
Time is an eternal and blessed mediator. It lessens the pangs of pain and diminishes mental anguish. It cools the heat of passion, robs hatred of her fury, and dulls envy. It heightens true love, mellows reason, and increases the breadth of mental vision. Each year becomes a stone in the foundation of worthy achievements and lives, and raises them to greater heights in the sincere respect of mankind. To virtue and esteemed names and deeds, time adds dignity. Vice and the unworthy, it covers with a veil of obscurity, or makes of them a target for each generation's contempt.
In Rosicrucian Park are the material monuments to the late Imperator's labors and ideals. The stately and artistic buildings are silent testimony to that mental alchemy by which his ideas took on substance, to be realized by others. Such structures cannot endure forever. They must give way to progress and to evolving needs. Each neophyte, however, who, after receiving his first initiation, finds his heart singing in joy, and who exclaims, to himself at least, "my search is concluded," will be acknowledging the eternal, undiminishing consciousness of the late Imperator, with which he imbued the presentation of the Rosicrucian teachings of the Americas. His personality will continue to live within the pages and paragraphs of each monograph. The enrichment of understanding that comes with time will cause him to be further acclaimed as a benefactor of humanity.
Saturday, August 2, will be the second anniversary of the transition and final initiation of Dr. H. Spencer Lewis. In accordance with the custom established last year, all offices and buildings will be closed and all activities of the Supreme and Grand Lodges will be suspended on that day, in honor of his life and work. Officers and members of the Order who reside in the vicinity of San Jose are invited to sit in meditation sometime during the day in the Shrine in Rosicrucian Park, where the ashes of his mortal remains are interred. All members unable to pay their respects in person are asked, if possible, to stand in a minute of silent tribute and Cosmic communion at a time equivalent, wherever they live, to 3:15 P.M., Pacific Standard Time, for that is the exact minute during which his transition occurred.

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