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[H. Spencer Lewis]

[From The Rosicrucian Digest July 1938]
THERE has always been some scientific debate in regard to this subject, and there are those who argue that it is purely a matter of the reaction of light upon the eyes of the rooster that makes him crow at sunrise. Attempts have been made to have a brilliant light suddenly come into the midst of a dark henhouse at night to see whether the rooster would crow. In some cases the rooster has responded to the light and attempted to crow as at sunrise, but has made a miserable failure of the response. Anyone who is familiar with the real crowing of a rooster knows that when he crows at full moon, lantern light, or electric light, it is a poor simulation and there is something lacking.
That wonderful play called "Chanticleer," in which Miss Maude Adams distinguished herself as an actress, showed that whereas the gay old rooster thought he caused the sun to rise in the morning by crowing, he discovered, to his great disappointment and blow to his vanity, that one morning when he overslept the sun rose without his crowing, and from then on he was a vanquished and dethroned king of the barnyard losing all the respect and admiration that he had gained from his companions. And, of course, there are people in the world today who think that not only does the sun rise at their beckoning, but that it sets at their beckoning, and they really think that they help to keep the world going around, and some day they will have the sad and bitter realization and disappointment that the rooster had in the play.
But the real truth in the matter is that the rooster's sensitive psychic faculties are acted upon by the magnetic effects of the rising sun, and these magnetic effects do not depend upon the gloriously brilliant rays of the sun as it rises upon the horizon. In many radio and electrical experiments and magnetic tests that we have made in our laboratories, and made on trips at sea, and in the desert, we have found that there is a magnetic effect that comes into the atmosphere and into the earth in the immediate district of the rising sun before the sun is even visible above the horizon or before the sun has actually tinted much of the sky with a glow. So intense are these magnetic effects at sunrise, and again at sunset, that students of seismology, or the scientific study of the cause of earthquakes, have noted that a majority--a vast majority--of earthquakes occur at times just preceding sunrise, or actually at sunrise, or just at or after sunset. Another great period for earthquakes is at midnight or midnoon, but the effects are less frequent at those times. We also know that radio reception from long distances, or from distances where good reception is not usually possible, is greatly improved and much stronger just before sunrise, during the rising of the sun, or just at the setting of the sun. We know from these and many other experiments that these periods have a magnetic effect upon conditions surrounding the earth, and all living things including plant and animal life.
Now the rooster is peculiarly constructed in regard to psychic sensitivity in certain ways. Other tests have been made, and I, myself, have conducted experiments to show that the rooster, as well as some other animals like cats and dogs, is very susceptible to mental, psychic, and other influences of an intangible nature. And so we believe, and our experiments have quite convinced us, that the rooster crows because of a psychic reaction in his psychic centers due to the influence of the magnetic radiations of the sun that is about to rise on the horizon. We doubt that the rooster knows that his crowing is associated with the rising sun, except that the coming of the light makes him feel that it is time to be up and exerting himself; and I believe that is all he senses or realizes when an artificial light arouses him from relaxation and possible sleep, and that on such occasions he attempts what he thinks is his duty or the natural thing to do, and that is why his crowing appears to be artificial and entirely unlike his natural crowing at sunrise.
Now all this gives us something to think about. It only goes to show that we are affected by intangible influences of the Cosmic, or shall we say astral nature, at many different times of the day, week, and year, and that our nervous reactions and psychic reactions, and even our physical reactions, are very often motivated by these invisible influences which have not been tangibly analyzed and revealed in our materialistic education.
But there are opportunities for men and women to so attune themselves at any hour of the day or night with Cosmic influences or Cosmic Consciousness that they will feel a surge of incoming influence that will arouse them, inspire them, and awaken them to reactions that will help in many ways in life. Many individuals throughout the world today are given to crowing about the things they do, but a real mystic is more concerned with what he does than in crowing about it. He should have the Cosmic, magnetic urge surging through him and arousing him at more periods than just sunrise or sunset. The possibilities lie within his own being, and the methods are before him to understand and apply. This constitutes one of the great benefits derived from the study of Cosmic laws and God's great plan for His living images on this earth.

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