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[H. Spencer Lewis]

[From The Rosicrucian Digest February 1939]
IT HAS always seemed rather strange to me that individuals throughout the world should look upon the so-called New Year's Day, or the beginning of a new calendar year about the first of January, as the beginning of a new cycle for the doing of things and the making of resolutions and the starting of things and the making of changes. The truth of the matter is that for very, very few of us indeed is January 1st the true starting of a new cycle. With the average individual his birthday, or the anniversary of his birthdate, is really the beginning of a new cycle, and that cycle runs from birthday to birthday. But I could never comprehend why the average sincere mystic or philosopher or sensible individual did not feel that the beginning of each day, with the start of sunrise, was the start of a new cycle. Can there be any greater, more propitious, more pregnant cycle than one of twenty-four hours that is close at hand each day? Think of waiting from one year to another, or from one birthday to another to make new resolutions and change old habits and start new ideas when each sunrise, only twenty-four hours away, brings the birth of a cycle that is just as full of possibilities as any great mystical cycle can be!
And so if you have not done so, make this year of 1939 a new year and a new cycle and a new beginning for you. Forget the fact that you have passed January first, and probably overlooked the beginning of that calendar cycle--that man-made, arbitrary, indefinite, inconsistent beginning that is not uniform throughout the world--and think only of the cycle that begins tomorrow, the day after you are reading these very lines. Get up tomorrow morning full of vim, vigor and determination that just as surely as the sun begins at the horizon and rises to the mid-heaven before it begins to set, you are going to rise with it to the height of glory. Determine you will rise inwardly, spiritually, powerfully and in every possible way to the zenith before noon, and that you are going to conquer the world and be master of all you survey. Think of it as being the only day, the last day, the sole day in your life in which you have the opportunity, the consciousness and the vitality to do anything, and make every minute of it not only a golden minute but a Cosmic minute, a vital one, to accomplish something, whether that something is a period of relaxation that will benefit your health, a kind deed for someone else, an hour or two for study, a few acts of charity, or what not, or all of these combined.
But when the day is ended and you lay your head upon the pillow and the sun has already set below the horizon, be able to say to yourself that it has been--this one day--the biggest cycle of achievement and accomplishment in your life. And do this every day! Do not wait for some other "special" day. That is just as foolish as those persons who wait for Sunday to go to a church and kneel on a prayer bench in a pew or at the railing and then forget about God all the rest of the week. You can raise your thoughts and consciousness to God in prayer any minute, any hour of the day, wherever you may be, in church, office, home or countryside, in an automobile or what not, and you can make each day the beginning of a new cycle. So if you can combine each day of this year along with the seasonable spirit of a new month, or the second month, near the beginning of a new year, do so and make it the greatest year, the greatest cycle in your life.

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