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[H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Rosicrucian Digest September 1930]
I PRESUME that there will be much said in the present issue of the magazine about the recent Convention. Judging from the letters received from those who could not attend the Convention, everything that will be written about it will be gladly received and carefully read.
If I were asked what I believed to be the most outstanding event of the entire Convention, aside from the reading and adoption of certain documents and resolutions, I would say that it was the evening of Monday, July 28, when nearly seventy-five delegates and visiting members were made honorary members of the Supreme Lodge in a special Egyptian initiation ceremony, followed by two hours of mystical demonstrations, participated in by every brother and sister of the organization who was within the confines of the city of San Jose.
To see many hundreds of students of our work assembled in the Temple after the initiation ceremony had been performed, and witnessing demonstrations of all of the fundamental principles contained in our teachings, was an inspiring and uplifting occasion. In the afternoon these same hundreds of members had witnessed a demonstration of many of Nature's chemical and physical laws through a scientific exhibition conducted by our good Brother, Professor Arthur A. Roberts. But in the evening the demonstrations were restricted exclusively to mental and psychic laws and principles seldom demonstrated in any place but a Rosicrucian Temple or laboratory.
The old proverb that "seeing is believing" is not sound and true, for our eyes may occasionally deceive us, and if it were not for the fact that we had five different objective faculties by which to test the impression coming to our senses we might often be grossly deceived by one of them.
When it is possible to have such demonstrations that give concrete and positive evidence to our five senses there is little probability of any deception of any kind.
You have heard it said probably that all references to the Oriental's ability to perform the feat of levitation are based upon illusion or self-deception. The same is said about any other remarkable feat performed by the people of the Orient at various times in the past, and by the Masters of Tibet or the Great White Brotherhood. But you should now talk to those who were present on this particular evening of the Convention when the Egyptian Temple was so highly magnetised that its vibrations were keenly felt by every sense, and they will tell you that in the marvelous mystical area of that Temple there were more remarkable demonstrations of our psychic principles than have ever occurred in a few hours in any part of this country in the past. They will tell you that levitation of the physical body whereby it will rise from the floor and move in space and become luminous is not only theory but an actual fact. They will tell you that in addition to the psychic body visibly leaving the physical body and moving to various parts of the room, the physical body itself with all its gross weight and form actually left the floor and moved into space. They will tell you of lights and illuminated faces that appeared in various parts of the room close to them. They will tell you of demonstrations of the control of the heart and pulsation of the blood in their bodies, the mental direction of physical effects in their bodies while they were seated in their places in the Temple, of many, many, other manifestations which came to them by sight, by hearing, by feeling, and by all of the senses combined.
Demonstrations of healing and of the healing principles had been given in person to the various visitors and delegates through the week and in assembly in the Temple collectively, but these higher demonstrations of the most mystical of our principles left no doubt in the minds of the members assembled in the Temple regarding the truthfulness of every principle presented in our teachings. As the members left the Temple on this momentous occasion there were tears in their eyes and great joy and enthusiasm in their hearts. Each one voluntarily acclaimed that it was an evening of such benefit and profit that if no other session of the Convention had been held the journey to this city would have been well repaid.
To us who are the executives and directors of this work there comes the great joy and satisfaction in knowing that our principles and the laws we teach are demonstrable and that we do not have to depend upon faith and blind belief to hold our members in close devotion to this great work. Hundreds of the members who were present will now be able to demonstrate more perfectly and completely the principles they have been studying, and through their demonstrations in many communities throughout the land the proof of our principles will become established and the Rosicrucian teachings laid down as truths which are practical, useful, and truly demonstrable. This has always been a power of the organization and through it the organization will continue to grow and become a power in the lives of men and women.

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