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[H. Spencer Lewis]

[From The Rosicrucian Digest March 1932]
HERE we are at the close of another Rosicrucian year and almost on the border line of a new one.
We presume that most of our members know that because the Rosicrucian organization is international and operates in so many lands, among so many different nations of persons, with a great variation in language, habits and traditions, we in the New World have adopted the Old World idea about the birth of each new year. In fact, a majority of the human beings throughout the world still follow the ancient idea of a new year beginning at the spring equinox in March, and only in the Western World do we find a small portion of the earth's population following the modern and inconsistent idea that January 1st is the beginning of a new year.
It is in March that the winter days are brought to an end and the spring season commences. It is in March that the earth begins to blossom again with all of her beauty and starts anew with a cycle of existence. Consistent, therefore, with our members in foreign lands, we take the day when the sun enters the sign of Aries in the heavenly zodiac as the first day of the new year. This day varies a little each year, and for the year 1932 we find that the sun goes into the Aries on Sunday, March 20.
Taking the standard of time in Greenwich, England, where all international time is standardized, we find that the sun makes its entrance into Aries late in the day. This, however, is equivalent to 2:44 P.M., Sunday afternoon, Eastern Standard Time of North America, or 11:44 A.M., Pacific Standard Time, on Sunday, March 20.
It has been customary for the Imperator of each jurisdiction to issue an annual proclamation declaring the day on which the new year begins for his district, and so I am hereby proclaiming Sunday, March 20, as the beginning of the Rosicrucian New Year for the North American jurisdiction. This means that throughout the week of March 20 to 26 all lodges of our North American jurisdiction will hold their formal, annual New Year feast and celebration, accompanied by the installation of new officers and the appointment of special titles and honors upon worthy members who have distinguished themselves in the service of the organization. Usually, Thursday night of the week is selected for such ceremonies, but all members of every established lodge or chapter should make inquiry at once as to the precise day and hour when this important and beautiful, symbolic ceremony will take place; and I trust that no member of any lodge or chapter where such ceremony is held will be absent this year.
Among the smaller groups and with our members who are studying at home alone and not in contact with any groups, the occasion may be properly sanctified in accordance with the instructions that will be found elsewhere in this issue of the Digest.
The important point for us to keep in mind is the fact that on Sunday, March 20, next, the Rosicrucian year of 3285 will begin. This means it is the three thousand two hundred eighty-fifth year since the Rosicrucian Light was first definitely established in the lives of men and women as a universal lesson.
Naturally, it means a new year of new opportunities and a new year for greater growth and greater development on the part of each individual member and on the part of the organization as a whole.
The past year has been filled with unsettled conditions and with many disappointments and bitter trials. Still, our records show that the interest in Rosicrucianism reached more minds and more hearts in the past twelve months than in any previous year of our Western World activities. The organization has had its trials and tests and has had to take its share of the unrest and unhappy conditions surrounding the lives of its members. But while others talked of depression and talked fearfully and doubtfully of any immediate brightness or relief, the organization has kept the faith, held its head high, looked out beyond the present horizon, and at the same time, extended a helping hand to those who had fallen by the wayside tired and weary, and helped them to go on and on along the straight path that leads over the hills and over the plains and beyond the horizon to the coming day.
Somewhere in the new year that will begin on March 20, there is a day that will be the happiest day in the lives of many, for it will mark the final termination of the present unsettled conditions and the zenith of adjustment and new happiness and peace for millions.
It is our duty, therefore, to straighten up our bodies, lift up our minds and hearts, seek God's protection of renewed strength and vigor and carry on. It is not only our privilege to use the knowledge which our organization gives us to help us overcome all the obstacles and reach a higher place in life, but it is our duty to apply these principles to help those whose vision is narrow or short, and whose faith has been lost and who are trembling in the fears of disappointment and disillusionment.
Let the new year be an awakening, a rebirth, a regenerative period for you. Make it show results in your life! Make it serve you. When this new year comes to a close next March, I know that thousands of you will find it to have been the happiest year in your lives. You can make that true and make that demonstration in your life by beginning now to stick rigidly to your determination, to be the master of your fate and the captain of your ship of life. The organization stands ready to show you how, and all it asks is that you apply the principles and you will reap the proper reward.

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