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A Rosaecrucian Interpretation of the First Chapter
Book of Genesis
By Imperator, H. Spencer Lewis, F. R. C.
[From The American Rosae Crucis February 1916]
IN the beginning God CONCEIVED the creation of the universe and the THOUGHT directed the VIBRATIONS of the SPIRIT into all space which was void.
2.--And the Spirit entered that which was without Spirit and unto it gave LIFE. And that which was enlivened was without form, without determination, and in utter DARKNESS and there came moisture in all space which was likewise enlivened by the Spirit.
3.--And God commanded that all matter be conscious of its existence and know the Spirit by which it is made manifest. And there was created the Cosmic Consciousness which was the GREAT LIGHT of the world.
4.--And the LIGHT was GOOD; for it dispelled all DARKNESS and revealed the manifestations of God. And that which was not illumined by the GREAT LIGHT was in darkness, and was evil; and the Good and the evil were separated.
5.--And God called the Cosmic Consciousness DAY, and the darkness was called NIGHT, for it was ignorant and without consciousness. And thus was completed the First Cycle of Evolution.
6.--And God decreed that Spirit should bring about a division of the FOUR ELEMENTS.
7.--And the Spirit divided all things into their proper elements and placed them in the MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL REALMS. The Spirit joined the CELLS which the vibrations brought forth, and the four elements of FIRE, AIR, EARTH and WATER were made manifest.
8.--The Cosmic Consciousness named the air "Nous" and it became the Spiritual Element constituting the Spiritual Realm. And thus was completed the Second Cycle of Evolution.
9.--And the Spirit joined the elements of FIRE and WATER, and from the mists which arose therefrom came forth minerals.
10.--And the Cosmic Consciousness called the minerals EARTH and the moisture was called WATER; and they were separated, one from the other.
11.--And God enlivened the EARTH with Spirit that it might bring forth its like, according to the CELLS therein.
12.--Therefore the EARTH brought forth grass, herbs and trees, yielding after their own kind because the CELLS were in them, and were touched by the Spirit.
13.--And thus was completed the Third Cycle of Evolution.
14.--Then God ordained that the Spirit should have SYMBOLS through which it might manifest itself to all created things, and send forth its vibrations; and they would be for SIGNS and for SEASONS, by which time and life might be measured.
15.--And they should give forth LIGHT and LIFE of their kind.
16.--And there was created a GREAT SYMBOL to show by DAY and dispel darkness; it was the SYMBOL of the SPIRIT and was GOOD. Likewise was created a LESSER SYMBOL to show at NIGHT; and it was the SYMBOL of the Cosmic Consciousness, REFLECTING the glory of the SPIRIT. And thereafter were created other SYMBOLS to represent the Spirit's creative forces and attributes.
17.--And God ordained that all these should remain in the Spiritual Realm.
18.--And from the Spiritual Realm they would reveal Day and night, Light and darkness, Goodness and evil.
19.--Thus was completed the Fourth Cycle of Evolution.
20.--The Spirit touched and enlivened the cells that were in the waters that they might bring forth abundantly of their own kind: likewise were enlivened the cells in the air on the earth that they might bring forth creature of their kind.
21.--And thus were created the large and small creatures of the waters, and the fowls of the air.
22.--And the Cosmic Consciousness endowed them with instinct and they were ordained to multiply with the touch of the Spirit.
23.--Thus was completed the Fifth Cycle of Evolution.
24.--And the Spirit brought forth UPON the earth life in various forms after the cells that were IN the earth.
25.--And there were beasts and cattle and those which creepeth UPON the face of the earth.
26.--And God conceived a physical expression of Cosmic Consciousness ON the face of the earth, to be a counterpart of the expression in the Spiritual Realm.
27.--And the Spirit created MAN in God's COSMIC IMAGE from the animal cells in the earth; both positive and negative, male and female, were the creations of Cosmic Expression.
28.--And God blessed the work of the Spirit, and said unto MAN: With the Spirit in thee thou shalt develop the cells of the earth which are within thee and multiply and bring forth of thine own kind to replenish the earth and be master of all that is earthly, and of the air, and of the fire, and of the water.
29.--And the Cosmic Consciousness in man knew that upon the face of the earth and in the air above it, were the elements upon which the body of man might grow and with which the Spirit within man must manifest and be sustained in physical expression.
30.--And likewise unto every beast of the earth, to every fowl of the air and to every creature of the waters were given ELEMENTS for LIFE.
32.--And God's mind was cognizant of all that was created; and it was Good. Thus was completed the Sixth Cycle of Evolution.
33.--In this wise was created all that is. In the mind of God were all things conceived; and the conception directed the vibrations of the Spirit to create, and it was so.
34.--And in the Seventh Cycle the mind of God gloried in holy communion with all that was created; and the Spirit dwelt in peace and harmony, its vibrations in perfect attunement with those of all matter. And God sanctified the Seventh Cycle as the Cycle of Perfection, Completeness and Harmony.
(Note: The above is the interpretation of the Creation of the World as a Rosaecrucian would have the Biblical story. However, this is not as the Rosaecrucian would write the story of creation from his true understanding of it. The foregoing is, therefore, an attempt to make the Biblical story translate the Rosaecrucian doctrines and teachings and is illuminating on the points of similarity between the two. As correlative reading, the First Chapter of the Gospel, according to St. John, will throw considerable light on the first four verses of the above interpretation.)
Webmaster's Note: There was no verse 31 in the original article as published.

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