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Personal Magnetism

By Frater Royle Thurston, F. R. C.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest January 1930]
SOME years ago, the subject of personal magnetism was given considerable thought and attention. Magazines and newspapers speculated upon the subject, with various articles, by various writers; many books and pamphlets were put on the market, claiming to deal with the subject in a learned way, and instruct the aspiring student in its laws and principles.
Little understood, and seeming to refer to some strange quality possessed by a "chosen" few, and mysterious in its potent ability to influence and attract others who came within range of its subtle power, personal magnetism became the tool of the charlatan, and the envy of all who failed in life's struggles.
Some of the more advanced thought writers and lecturers claimed to know, and teach, the secret of the manner of how this silent Niagara of Power could be used to bring prosperity, health, and happiness, but what little they did know about it was quickly realized, without revealing any real laws and principles, and the seeker was left to decipher many strange terms and phrases, and practice foolish mental exercises; which left him stranded with blasted hopes.
But, in spite of the fact that very little was known of personal magnetism in those days, there is such a subtle force radiating from the human body. This force may be truly termed "Personal Magnetism," because the modern mystic, in his scientific laboratory, has proven that there is a magnetic field surrounding the body, and that it exists within the body and emanates therefrom. It is in the human body because of the law which reveals itself in the examination and study of any physical mass which contains a magnetic quality, or magnetism.
It is a well-known fact, and proven through scientific experiments, that a blind person, walking along the street, or moving about in his home, does not depend solely upon his touch to guide him when approaching a wall, or other obstacle, and he will also keenly appreciate the fact when in the presence of another. It has been found, and scientifically proven, that the magnetic aura extends so far in front of their physical bodies, that the blind, whose delicate senses are strongly developed, can actually feel their magnetic auras touching an obstacle long before they reach and contact that obstacle with their physical bodies and senses. Delicate instruments have shown that the aura, emanating from the human body, extends as far as ten feet and radiates always at least five feet in all directions.
Just think of it from each human being there emanates radiations of a certain force or energy, which extends at least five feet, and as much as ten feet from the body. The question to be considered is: "What is this aura, how does it manifest, attract, repulse, and how may it be controlled?" Before we may answer this question, it is necessary that we know something of the magnetic field in all things. Therefore, let us take the electron--that as yet invisible particle which science tells us composes the atom, but of which they know so little, and may only speculate upon, so far as they have gone. The mystic, however, in his laboratory, has gone farther than outside science and knows a few things regarding the electron.
Let us say, then, that an electron is the smallest particle entering into the composition of matter; in the electron we find that there are dual forces at work, and these forces are the positive and negative forces, the same as in any creative cell. Now the vibrations which emanate from any mass of matter, convey the quality of radiation according to the nature of the predominating force within the mass. Thus, whatever quality is sent out from the mass, either positive or negative, that quality becomes what is known as "polarity" and the mass is said to be of a positive polarity or of a negative polarity. Now, any mass of matter radiates either a positive or negative force and thus is one or the other of the two polarities. The vibrations emanating from matter are positive or negative vibrations and are governed in their polarity by the governing nature, or quality, of the forces within the combined electrons which make up the atoms in any mass of gross matter. Thus, do we see that the positive or negative forces within the electrons are not equal, but that one or the other predominates and determines the polarity. And so, the vibrations, emanating from any form of matter, have a magnetic influence upon all other forms of matter, and will be attracted to, or repulsed by other matter, in accordance with the law of polarities, the positive attracting the negative and repulsing the positive and vice versa.
In the ordinary horse-shoe, or other permanent magnet, we also find a good illustration of the attractive force, or magnetism which emanates from the vibrations of a piece of iron. Extending from such magnets, for a short distance, is that field or area wherein magnetic attraction will occur. You have probably tried experiments with magnets yourself and have seen how the magnet will cause a needle or other pieces of iron, or steel, to jump up and become attached to one of the poles of the magnet as soon as the magnet is brought near enough to the needle to affect it with the magnetic aura; as soon as the needle enters the zone, or field of attraction, it cannot resist the force and will immediately be attracted to the magnet's pole and remain there until pulled away.
Now the magnetism which emanates from the human body is truly magnetic in the same sense as is the magnetism of the ordinary magnet, but the term "magnetism" as applied to the human body, is used in connection with physical forces or energies within the body that are dual, in nature, consisting of the two opposites of energy, or vitalism, blended by their attraction for each other. This energy, or vitalism, or magnetism, surrounds the human body because it emanates from the two opposite energies in the human body and thus derives its essence. And so, the vital force, that is to say, the life force, which is associated with, and controlled by the mind of the soul in man, blends with the physical, material, bodily energies to create this magnetic aura, and this aura is of a positive or negative polarity, according to the nature of the predominating polarity causing its make-up. Thus is a person said to be positive or negative.
Under certain circumstances, the aura may be perceived with the naked eye. Those who see it most readily are clairvoyants, but when certain physical conditions are brought into use, either through natural or scientic causes or conditions, most anyone may perceive the human aura. Thus it is that "personal magnetism" is no longer the unseen, mysterious force--the intangible thing it was some years ago, for it may now be seen, measured, felt, deflected, reflected, weighed, neutralized, increased, decreased, and otherwise affected mechanically and by use of the human Will.
And here we come to find is the great secret which so many teachers and investigators failed to discover, in the earlier days of the history of "personal magnetism." It is that the HUMAN WILL--that strange, directive, controlling, determining power--always at the command of the human intellect--CAN ACTUALLY--not theoretically--CONTROL AND AFFECT THE RADIATING VIBRATIONS CALLED PERSONAL MAGNETISM.
What then is this personal magnetism? It must be associated directly with, or be under the supervision of the mind, or intellect. It must also be associated with the vital energy of the human body, for we find the magnetic radiations from the human body (the aura) affected by the standard or strength of the vital force in the body, fluctuating and vacillating as the vitality of the body changes.
In simple words, we must look to the mind, which is an attribute of the soul, for the secret of and key to personal magnetism, because the mind and vital life force are related, and life is under the direct control of the mind, so far as "life" itself, and not the body, is concerned.
And how does the aura of a person look, when seen under proper conditions? The aura RADIATES and manifests in color vibrations. If you could see the emanations of the vibrations constituting the aura surrounding the human body, you would see various colors, in different shades and blends, each one of which signifies a certain physical or mental condition as expressed inwardly and reflected outwardly, and this reflection, reflecting outwardly through vibrations, form the aura, and this aura is really the outer expression of the personality of the soul's development, making up what is commonly termed "personality."
And there you have it: A Magnetic Personality, or Personal Magnetism.
Let us now make an examination and analysis of magnetic personality, so that we may arrive at a conclusion regarding the qualities, conditions, or nature of it. If we can note any distinction from such observation, or comparison, let us do so, and analyze it thoroughly.
The first observation we make is to be found in the child. Why is it that children are so wonderfully attractive to every human being? What qualities or expressions do we find in the child? Upon going into these questions we find: a, simplicity; b, innocence; c, purity of mind; d, sincerity; e, enthusiasm; f, trust; g, absolute faith; h, appreciation; i, imagination; j, lack of doubt; k, joyousness of living; l, vitality; m, ready forgiveness; n, love of all things.
Now then: If the mind directly affects, or controls, the vital life force, and the magnetic aura, what do you suppose would be the nature, or expression, of a child possessing the qualities named above? And nearly every child between the age of two and six possesses all of them. Can you not see then the cause for the attraction of all kinds of people to the personality of the child? There we find certain states of CONSCIOUSNESS which produce definite effects so far as the auras are concerned. This is so because the child has not as yet contacted the world sufficiently to affect its outlook upon life and things, in general. As the child grows older, it contacts more and more of world life and conditions with the effect that it grows accustomed to conventionalities, and opinions, and so forth. Such things as these affect the simple child-consciousness and changes it; doubt creeps in, worry begins to make itself felt; fear of certain people and things is brought about, and in view of all this, the child no longer expresses in and through simplicity of mind, but is influenced and affected by its surroundings.
Let us refer to another type. There are many people who are very beautiful in features, but whose personality, or magnetism, is limited, or lacking, so to speak. D. W. Griffith, the motion picture director, stated in an interview that the manner in which he chose people for his stars, on the screen, was by looking for the inner light of the applicant. By this he meant that he looked for a certain expression, or manifestation, of personality which indicated that, through experience, development or unfoldment, a real soul personality was expressing before him; this he called the inner light, and it is his supreme test to determine whether or not the applicant would be able to fill the part.
Let us now consider two distinct and different types of personality. In the first we will say the person possesses great energy and this means health, strength, power, enthusiasm, activity, and love of life. He desires nothing but happiness out of life and strives to do everything that will make for a continued existence of happiness. By thinking properly he raises his degree of magnetism in positive polarity and thus radiates a powerful positive aura. If such a person were to stand ten or fifteen feet away from you, you would be unconsciously impelled to turn around and notice him. His radiant magnetic aura, or soul vibrations, would attract you strongly. You would, perhaps, mentally tell yourself that here was a man who was "big."
On the other hand, we will take a man who is weak, physically and mentally. Not so much so as to be a mental defective, but just enough as to cause him to lack ambition, enthusiasm, activity, health, strength, and desire to make of himself the highest possible type of man. Here, then, would we find a man unnoticed; a man whose aura would be but very faint and extending not more than a few inches from his body. He would be a man who did very little of his own thinking, holding thoughts of hatred and revenge against those who prevented him from carrying out his will, or who opposed his views; he would be a man bound down by the chains of bigotry, and one who would be very hard to acknowledge he was wrong in a thing, even though the most positive proof was brought to bear upon that view. Such a man would radiate an aura of a negative polarity so weak as to almost be absolutely neutral. He would have very few real friends, if any, and would amount to a burden upon his own family.
Make note of the difference between these two types and therein you will find the secret, the secret of the state of consciousness that causes us to possess the personal magnetism we have been seeking all the time. Remember that it is the soul and mind, or consciousness of man that ULTIMATELY determines the quality of his aura and magnetic attraction.
If everyone's soul were permitted, from childhood, to give its expression of perfection in all thought and activity, then each of us would be expressing the highest possible form of magnetic attraction. Why? Because MAN IS LIKE A SUN, and man, naturally, should be living perfectly--should be a living fire, or force of sunshine and Love. Why then is he not magnetic? Simply because man, as a rule, is far below the normal standard of what man should be. His life and thinking and expression is ABNORMAL, because he is lacking in those vital elements of soul, and consciousness, which go to make a perfect life, and radiate the activities of love and happiness. Where love is lacking in the heart of a human being, everything vital to life is lacking, just as the plant could not exist were it not nourished by the loving power of the sun's rays.
Man's soul WANTS to express its Divine qualities on earth, and these qualities may be summed up in one word--LOVE. The complete love of the soul, which brings out all its beauty, perfection, wisdom, and glory, makes man what his God intended he should be--the Image of Himself. Man, with his finite, objective, limited, understanding, has divided the quality of Divine Love into words, ideas, and fancies, but for all of that, the Divinity of Love remains unchanged and will express itself whenever man allows his objective self to be put aside and thus cannot interfere with the Divine expression. What man calls kindness, patience, sincerity, truth, humility, goodness, sympathy, understanding, appreciation, recognition and forgiveness, are but phases of the one and the same thing called Divine Love.
Can it be possible for one to change his polarity from negative to positive and thus acquire a strong, attractive, personal magnetism? Yes, certainly! One has but to polarize himself to the positive force by raising his consciousness through thoughts of love and all that is contained and meant by that word--to live in peace with himself and the world about him, to do his level best to be a credit to the world, to endeavor to be above such petty things as hatred, jealousy, vanity, conceit, and to allow the Divine Love within him to express outwardly. It is the easiest thing in the world to do this if you will but make the conscious effort to do it and continue to do it in spite of the first few failures. We have all become enslaved by wrong thinking, and we must break the chains that bind us by changing the process of thinking and raising our thoughts to higher and more ideal things.
And so, if you wish to live the radiant life--full of vitality, activity, joy, and love, you must first remove from your consciousness all forms of destructive thinking and allow your soul, your real self, to express its perfection and reflect its magnetic strength and power. Then will others recognize and appreciate you for you will become a power in the world for the betterment of all humanity and to the glory of God.
It is well known to the mystics that God has given man all the strength and power to help himself toward higher things. Certainly this is true, and every person on earth who is in possession of ordinary mental ability can clothe himself with a radiant, magnetic personality. You have the power to do this, but you must make the effort to do it. Just as the electric dynamo is capable of producing the power to create light, and power, but cannot do this until it has received the driving power to set it in motion, so you, too, possess the ability to raise yourself and become whatever you will, but not until you set that power in motion and make the conscious effort to keep it going.
God cannot and will not help anyone who will not make the conscious effort to help himself. But, when you do make the effort and are doing your level best--and remember that your "best" is better than you have ever done--then will help be given you to continue along the path, for with the effort and continued effort you make, your soul will gradually be freed from the shackles that now bind it to the false conceptions and begin to express freely and perfectly, drawing from the infinite source of power for all it needs and requires to keep going, producing and creating the power you require. May you make the effort and reap the reward of Divine Love which brings to the soul Peace Profound.

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