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The Path to Mastery

By Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, F. R. C.
(From Man Triumphant and The Mastery of Fate--1921 Edition)
[Reprinted in The Rosicrucian Digest January 1944]
Many of the articles written by our late Imperator, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, are as deathless as time. That is, they are concerned with those laws and principles of life and living which are eternal, and thus never lose their efficacy or their import, and are as helpful and as inspiring when read today as they were when they were written five, ten, fifteen, twenty or more years ago, and likewise will continue to be as helpful and as instructive in the future. For this reason, and for the reason that thousands of readers of the "Rosicrucian Digest" have not read many of the earlier articles of our late Imperator, it is our editorial policy to publish in the "Rosicrucian Digest" each month one of his outstanding articles so that his thoughts will continue to reside within the pages of this publication.
THERE is but one road, one way, by which Mastery of Self and Mastery of Fate is attained. It is through the proper and systematic study of nature's laws, the laws which govern the universe, govern man and affect man's relation to all that exists.
To know man's true relation to the universe and to other men, to know man's unlimited powers, latent possibilities and unused fortitude of mind and soul, is to make each man a power for greater constructive, creative good; a success in the world, a credit to the world, a real part of the world.
Mastery of one's own powers, abilities, and potent forces, working in harmony with all of nature's rules, attuning with the divine mind, maintaining a poise of peace and radiant love, is mastering FATE and conquering the contesting forces which come from darkness and ignorance.
More important than seeing with the mortal eye, is seeing with the eye of intuition. Greater than hearing with the mortal ear, is hearing the voice of the inner-self and the voice of the countless master minds which speak without tongue. In the world of creation and accomplishment far more commanding than the learned lips and dictatorial voice, is the silent influence of a dominating will.
Intellectual mastery of the material knowledge of the world suffices only in the mastery of the material problems, and leaves every man to battle with his wits to hold and maintain that which he has but lately won. Nature knows naught of the material warfare and majestically stoops to help those who understand her ways and cooperate with her in universal construction, benevolent creation and human progression.
Man has ordained for himself and for his children, schools of illusions and effects. He revels in his education of phenomena, and is delightfully ignorant of the fundamental causes--even of his own existence and the meaning of life.
Schools and branches of science vie with one another in the propounding of theories, explanations of observations and the promulgation of illusive hypotheses. Books are written as authorities for every phase of nature's manifestation only to become obsolete, intenible and rejected before the printing is finished.
Children are born, raised and educated with a false understanding of nature's most helpful laws, and with absolute ignorance regarding the powers and abilities that are resident within the soul and mind of the inner, or real self.
Children grow into adulthood and as men, successful or failures, are unable to utilize the forces which would turn their paths into the highways of life's real mission, and cannot combat the destructive forces of disease, disappointment, disaster or dejection.
The age of higher accomplishment through higher aim and a higher power is here. Call it the Aquarian Age, the Metaphysical Age, the Awakening Age or the New Age. The prevention of disease is the keynote of all therapeutic research, and in like manner the prevention of failures in life, the prevention of sorrow, the prevention of sin by a true understanding of God's laws and man's salvation, are the principles and laws which constitute the GREAT TRUTHS now being sensed by all and being taught to those who seek the Light.
Man is to enter the Kingdom of Light and to emerge from the feodality of darkness. Man is to be the Master of his Fate, the Master of Self, the Captain of his Soul. God so ordained it in the beginning when he created man in His own Image--in His spiritual image He created man. Man's real fall was not from essential goodness, but from the mountain of understanding into the valley of ignorance and superstition.
Superstition we find fostered on all sides by the gluttons of material gain and the hierarchy of commercialism. The forces of evil, rampant in the past, still crouch in hiding, ever ready to prey upon the weakness of man in his inability to compete with the cunning of the world.
Truth must be given with unbiased intent and unprejudiced conception. God's laws are without creed, nature's manifestations for all alike. Sectarianism, personal idolatry, dogmatic limitations and earthbound beliefs, have no place in the presentment of TRUTH as the revelation of facts.
Through all the ages there have been Sages, illuminated and inspired minds, who have given their lives to the search for TRUTH and the spreading of the Light. From the dawn of civilization in Egypt and into the establishment of every new kingdom of man, these avatars of truth, these torchbearers of Light, have gone with unselfish purpose and with personal sacrifice to redeem man from no other false god, from no other fall, and from no other serfdom, than that of ignorance and superstition.
The wisdom of these sages, accumulated through centuries of time, through ever-changing periods in the evolution of man, have been added to, perfected, preserved and made simple in comprehension for all who would come to the door of the Temple of Light and feast with the sages of life.
Of all the organizations created and maintained, sponsored and supported for the sole purpose of unselfishly disseminating these truths, there is none so old in principle, so original in purpose, so successful in its mission and so ready to give to the masses that which it has unified and proved true, as the movement known today by the symbol of its name--AMORC.

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