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[H. Spencer Lewis]

[From The Rosicrucian Digest May 1936]
THE most outstanding thought of the month with all of us here at Headquarters, and throughout our general membership, is of the unfortunate conditions that have suddenly come upon a large number of our members in various parts of the United States because of the floods, storms, and winds. We fully expected that this year would be one of strife and contention among the earthly and Cosmic elements. That is why we termed the year "1936 and Conflicts." Before the year is over it will have proved itself to be a year of conflicts of all kinds. But we regret, as does every thinking person, the suffering, sacrifice, agony, and mental torture that has come to men, women, and children in various cities and states in the past few months.
Reports coming to us from various sections show that the floods that destroyed homes and property came through some areas very suddenly and unexpectedly. No one who has not been through one of these floods can possibly imagine the anguish, as well as the actual suffering that follows the floods, storms, or tornadoes, but one outstanding fact revealed in every letter we have received from the flood or storm area shows that the spirit of the individual has not weakened and the power of right thinking has not lessened in any instance.
Some scientists attribute these freak Cosmic and earthly conditions to the appearance of spots on the sun. Unquestionably sun spots do affect Cosmic vibrations and these in turn affect atmospheric and earthly conditions, but in the charts of the tendencies of general conditions throughout the world which we examined a number of times in recent years, it was plainly indicated that a cycle of storm and strife between the elements of the earth and the air would start again early in 1936 and continue into the summer. And it was indicated that many of these unusual conditions would appear in parts of the country or in places where they had never appeared before, and that is why we tried to intimate in our 1936 pamphlet that places that had not been visited before would be visited by conflict this year. The very unfortunate thing about all of this is that even if our members and friends had been properly warned by due appreciation of what was said in our pamphlets there is little that could be done to avoid the results except to have moved or changed their localities, and to have abandoned their homes and built others in other places, but it would have been difficult even then to tell where to move, or where to go and count upon one hundred per cent safety.
In some of the reports that we have received it has been pitiful to learn that the homes of our members and officers of chapters and lodges have been flooded to the second floor, and that beautiful furniture, including pianos, has fallen apart as the waters receded, leaving the interior and exterior walls of the homes in jeopardy. One may ask whether all of this is necessary in the great universal scheme of things, but no one can answer that question without having a complete understanding of the Infinite Mind and universal laws. Many of these homes had to be without light, heat, cooking facilities, or even the proper hygienic facilities for five or six days or longer, and many were deprived of the proper food for many days. There was always the constant danger of fire and the collapse of the temporary places or upper parts of buildings where persons attempted to live, and all business was interfered with, and even the means and facilities for communication by mail, telegraph, telephone, or otherwise. Once again the amateur radio stations played an important part and rendered invaluable services in sending communications to relatives and friends without fee, and kept the outside world in contact with many communities that were otherwise isolated. So often those persons who like to listen only to the popular broadcast programs think that the slight humming sound or other signal sounds which the amateurs use in their experimental work constitute a nuisance that should be done away with, but they forget that it is the development of the experimental work of these amateurs over a period of twenty-five or thirty years that has given us the modern use and benefits of radio in entertainment and in business, and in every great catastrophe these amateurs with their thousands of contacts with others have played an important part in the rendering of emergency services.
We wish it were possible to extend our hand in sympathy and love to each one of our members and friends who has suffered during these past few months, but all we can say is that we hope that this issue of the magazine will reach them and carry to them our thoughts, and that they will sense the thoughts of our thousands of other members who will read these words and utter a prayer in their behalf.
One of the most interesting features of the entire situation has been the letters that have gradually come to us from hundreds of communities, and hundreds of members, in which the thought is expressed (in the words of one of them), "If it had not been for my understanding of certain laws and principles gained through the AMORC teachings, and if it had not been for the strength derived from my AMORC membership, I could not have born the suffering and the trials and tribulations that have come upon us. It is just one more instance in which we are given ample proof of the value of the AMORC membership in times of test and trial." We have learned in the past years through hundreds of letters coming to us weekly and monthly that our members generally find strength, hope, and certain definite knowledge in our lectures, lessons, and principles that enable them to meet the obstacles, the trials, the problems, and the too often discouraging incidents of life that might otherwise cause them to go down in defeat instead of rising as Masters and facing the world with a new power that carries them to victory.
Whatever may be the purpose in the Divine Mind which sets the Cosmic powers into action in a seemingly destructive form, we must remember that all which seems to be destructive is not always so, and that very often there is a good purpose and a good motive back of the darkest and most sorrowful event. The Cosmic will undoubtedly assist and help those who know how to cooperate and keep their lives and minds attuned to the higher principles and never lose faith nor doubt the mercy and goodness of God and His ways.

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