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[H. Spencer Lewis]

[From The Rosicrucian Digest June 1931]
IN THE greater part of the world the winter months have passed and the spring and summer months are at hand, and there is general rejoicing in the hearts of man and beast, and even in the hearts of the flowers and the trees. It is a period of new life for all, and we should rejoice in this annual period of regeneration and attune ourselves with the Cosmic vibrations that bring life and reconstruction. It is truly a period of reincarnation for everything that grows on the face of the earth and of regeneration for all human beings.
Most of you are looking forward to some sort of a vacation this summer or to some period of recreation with outings, short journeys, a change of scenery, a change of climate, and an opportunity to do many things that you have wanted to do all through the winter months. Truly, the great outdoors in all of its beauty and mildness of climate offers an exceptional opportunity to millions of persons to make new contacts, to do different things, and to find a new life.
In making your plans, therefore, keep in mind the fact that the greatest enjoyment possible is that which is food to the mind and to the soul. After all is said and done, the pleasures of the flesh are but temporary and often wholly unsatisfactory.
I have lived in New York and have witnessed, as one of the seekers for a change of environment, the multitudes who would jam into the trains and cross the Brooklyn Bridge and take a long and uncomfortable ride to Coney Island or some of the beaches along the shore, and after investing in every purely physical or material form of amusement, crowded on all sides by the pleasure seeking multitudes and suffering the heat and close atmosphere of crowded places, I have returned home late in the day to find that after all was said and done, I had neither enjoyed the day nor benefited in any possible way. I have been with those who have crowded across the ferry boats at Fort Lee to go up high on the Palisades to an amusement park, and found there the same rush and jostle of mad men and women seeking pleasure and happiness of an artificial kind, and I have returned home disappointed and less rested than when I started.
For years, I tried every avenue of pleasure that a great city like New York could offer. And, as I look back now upon thirty-five or forty years of such experiences, I recall only a few means of real pleasure that came into my life in those years. Outstanding are the hours I spent in the great libraries at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, sitting comfortably at a table with rare and interesting books spread out before me and sufficient time to enjoy them to their fullness. Second, to these hours, the hours I spent in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in other museums of the city, often alone, except for the multitude of impressions and inspiring thoughts that crowded in on me from the things I saw. Then, there are the hours that I spent in journeying to a farm many miles from a railroad, south of Flemington, New Jersey. Here, nature in all of its rustic beauty and unpainted by modern artificiality offered complete rest, relaxation, and the opportunity to read and study. With good air, good food, plenty of fruit in season, and the fields and hills to ramble through, with shady trees under which to rest, and read, and a night of perfect sleep and recuperation, constituted rare treats, indeed.
No matter what city you may live in, there are suburban places easily reached where there is an opportunity for rest and seclusion. All the money in the world cannot buy any pleasure equal to a comfortable position under a great, big, protecting tree, with a good book, or a lesson, or a lecture, or even one's own thoughts to picture new scenes and new ideas in the consciousness.
And, do not forget that the young ones who do not have an opportunity to ramble in the fields and to get under trees, or wade in brooks, or play on the grass are deserving of this rare treat, not only because of the effect it has upon the imagination and the education of a child, but the effect it has upon his health. If you have no children of your own to take with you, even for a day or perhaps a week, try and take the child of someone else who might otherwise miss such an opportunity to be reborn and to start a new life. If you can find no child among your relatives, you can find a child somewhere in your city, whose life may be changed or whose life may be saved by such an act on your part. And, certainly such a time of glorious living will never be forgotten by the child.
Remember, too, when you are in the country, that there are certain natural laws which you can use to help your health and to benefit yourself in many ways. Remember that while there is vitality and life in the air you breathe, this vitality is only a complement to the other vitality necessary for perfect health. This other vitality comes from the earth itself. We are living upon a material earth that is like a huge magnet and the magnetism of this earth is as essential to our health as is the air we breathe. We have been gradually isolating ourselves from a full enjoyment of this earthly magnetism through the development of different ways of clothing our bodies, and especially in wearing shoes and other things that separate us or isolate us from the earth's magnetism. Very few persons seem to realize that the wearing of shoes is one of the greatest detriments to the maintenance of perfect health.
The German natural scientist who propagated the taking off of shoes and walking barefooted for an hour a day was revealing only an ancient fundamental truth. He advocated walking in the dew of early morning in order that this rich, magnetic water might come in contact with the flesh of the body. Most certainly dew water has a magnetism in it that the stale water of reservoirs never contains. There is a good reason why the children of past times found so much pleasure in the old swimming hole. The vitality of that water charged with the earth's magnetism was a stimulation for them and filled them with more pep and more life than anything that could have been given to them in the form of food or nourishment.
So while you are in the country, try to be where you can easily and conveniently take off your shoes and stockings and walk barefooted some hours of the day, even if in the sunshine on the dry grass. If you can wade in the brook of running water that is fresh, be sure and do so at least once a day, and if there is dew in the morning, take advantage of it for one hour each morning. If you can bathe in some running stream, take along a bathing suit and get the utmost benefit from this wonderful treat of nature. Drink plenty of water that comes through living wells instead of reservoir water, and drink it as often each day as you possibly can. Eat plenty of fruit and after each meal, lie down on the grass or the ground in the shade and sleep. Bask in the sunlight for an hour each day while lying on the ground so that your body absorbs the magnetic conditions of both great polarities, the earth and the sun. Do not overlook the fresh, green vegetables. Try to eat as many of these raw as you possibly can. Remember that cooked or boiled vegetables extract the important juices and these are often cast away with the water. Hunt for some fresh dandelion and watercress, and eat some of this after properly washing it before each meal. Eat plenty of asparagus, celery, lettuce, spinach, turnips, and carrots. Green peas, lima beans, and many other vegetables such as carrots can be eaten raw with great benefit.
Do not spend your vacation where you have to dress many times a day in order to meet the competition of others who may be there solely for that purpose. Get back to nature in every sense of the word and have your clothing as simple and loose about the body as is possible. Do not mind how much dirt you get upon your body, and even if you get some of it into your system. Go to sleep clean each night with plenty of fresh air, lying flat on your back in bed if possible, and never mind how soiled or disheveled you may become during the day. Take along some books, the reading of which will constitute the basis of new thoughts, new ideas, and new principles in your life. Take along some of your lectures and lessons, and read them over. Do not have your lectures stopped while you are on a vacation of two or three weeks, for this means suspending your membership temporarily and breaking the contact with all of us. You can have your lessons forwarded to any post office, general delivery or otherwise, or to any box number, by writing to us two or three weeks in advance or sending us an air mail letter, and telling us and we will be glad to take care of this for you; or, if you prefer, you can allow your lectures to go to your home and accumulate there for two or three weeks while you are absent. When you return from your vacation, it will be easy for you to read two or three lectures a week until you catch up to your regular weekly lesson again.
But whatever you do this summer, go away with the intention of making this vacation period a time for regeneration physically, mentally, and spiritually. Do not forget the Cathedral contact hours. Do not forget the contact during the Seth Parker hour, and remember that radio periods in some places are an hour earlier than what they used to be because of the daylight saving schedule. So far as the Cathedral periods are concerned, do not use the daylight saving time at all, but regular standard time. Remember, if you are in a location that is using daylight saving time that when it is seven o'clock in the evening there, it is really eight o'clock by standard time, or when it is eight o'clock there, it is nine o'clock by standard time, and we are using standard time in all of our Cathedral periods. But the radio programs will probably be an hour earlier because most of them are transmitted on the daylight saving time schedule.
Those of you who are coming to California to visit the convention will have an unusual vacation because of the beautiful country, the wonderful climate, the water, the fruit, the flowers, and then the convention itself. But remember also to share what you have if you can with some unfortunate one and if you can cut down your two weeks vacation to only one week and take someone else with you for that week, who would otherwise have no vacation, some elderly woman, some elderly man, some child, you will find that you are also creating in the Cosmic for yourself more life and more blessings.

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