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[H. Spencer Lewis]

[From The Rosicrucian Digest February 1934]
ONLY in certain parts of the world is January 1 considered the beginning of a new year. There are many places in the world where the spring equinox on or about March 22 is considered the beginning of a new year. Cosmically speaking, however, we are in this month of January, 1934, on the very horizon of a new day and a new cycle which may easily be called the beginning of a new year.
It is not necessary for those so inclined to make all of their good resolutions right at this time for there will be many occasions and many opportunities throughout the coming twelve months to make lasting resolutions in all sincerity. Each week and each month of the coming year is going to impress the sensitive consciousness with the fact that mighty important changes are taking place. Only the man or woman who is a laggard and quite satisfied to be out of step with progress and out of harmony with all universal things will hesitate in purging himself of many undesirable qualities and aligning himself with the new conditions and the many opportunities. Such sensitive persons will be impressed from time to time with the necessity of making a firm resolution and sticking rigidly to it and a resolution made under such circumstances and conditions is very apt to be more effective and more beneficial than those that are made with such cold formality and shallow ritualism on the first day of the year.
Each of our years or cycles of time is ruled by one of the great planets according to the ancient traditions, and the cycle beginning this winter is ruled by Venus. The last year was ruled by the Sun. During the Sun cycle all conditions tended toward bringing to the front eminent rulers, potentates, dictators, and powerful personalities equivalent to royal kings. It was a cycle in every sense of the word. It naturally resulted in an unrest and a contest among these great rulers and the history of 1933 shows twelve months of just such conditions. Even the United States developed and presented to the world a new form of rulership and dictatorship which had not been its lot for many years, if really ever before.
The coming year under the rulership of Venus is supposed to be one of goodness, sweetness, and beneficence to the people. It should be a time when the arts, literature, science, study, research, good will, health and happiness are the thoughts uppermost in the minds of the people. Those who will get in harmony with such Cosmic plans and vibrations will find themselves more happy and contented during this year than they have been for a long time. Those who prefer to typify the spirit of the planet Mars and who will discuss and talk of warfare and other destructive factors will naturally be out of harmony with the Cosmic influence during a Venus year and the natural result will be a great loss of time and fortune on the part of such young people.
To get the utmost out of life one must adapt himself to the rhythm of the great parade of progress and that parade is being led by the music of the spheres and directed by the Cosmic laws. Those who are out of harmony or out of attunement with such laws will find themselves outcasts--unhappy, unsuccessful, and unprofitably employed.
Each man and woman has a mind and will power that is capable of adjusting the mental attitude and spirit of the individual and those who fall into harmony with the spirit of the coming year will be the most happy and the most satisfied when next January comes again.
Of course, changes will take place for neither an individual nor a nation of individuals can lift their eyes from the sordid things of life to the higher and more beautiful without changing the view-point and without clarifying the vision. The changes will not be long in coming nor long in the making but they will call for the careful cooperation of every civilized member of the world's social staffs.
Webmaster's Suggestion for Further Reading:
Waggener, Robert G. and McDavid, W. Doss. "Traditional Correspondences of the 'Cycles of Life,'" Rosicrucian Digest 60 (August 1982): 19-22.

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