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Natural Healers

By H. Spencer Lewis, F. R. C.
[From Rosicrucian Essays]
I WOULD like to say in answer to questions which have been asked about healing work, that a great many persons are born who may be called natural healers.  In the first place, they are born with a sympathetic nature so they are in sympathy or have a sympathetic emotion toward all who suffer or who are ill.  You know that there are some persons who cannot be healers, those who are ill, and who inwardly are annoyed and disturbed by anyone who complains of aching, or feeling ill.  Such persons cannot be good physicians, healers, or nurses.  On the other hand, those who have a sympathetic feeling toward those who suffer, are also born with a peculiar emotional radiation of that sympathy, and their very presence in the room with anyone who is ill is soothing and helpful to them.  It is not strange then that these persons would also have a radiating magnetism flowing from their hands, as well as from their minds, and that when they touch or sit near a person and concentrate on him to send him good thoughts or healing vibrations they immediately arouse a reaction that is very helpful.  Such healing may not always be in the nature of a cure that is permanent, but it does give relief from pain and does establish a hopeful attitude in the patient's mind.  Now such natural healers who take up a definite system of healing so that they can help with their sympathetic and soothing nature and really do something constructive in restoring a sick body to normal condition will become eminently successful as physicians, regardless of whether they are medical physicians or metaphysicians.  This is undoubtedly the reason why some medical men are far more successful than others, and why some osteopaths, chiropractors, or physicians are more successful than others in their same line.
The Rosicrucian system of healing is one that is so easily applied by a person of a sympathetic nature that such a healer is able to accomplish a great deal more than many others, and that is why the Rosicrucian work has often been misunderstood as a healing organization whereas healing is only one part of the great work that we are trying to accomplish.

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