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Making God A Companion

Some Interesting Facts for Men and Women to
Consider in Connection with Daily Affairs

By The Imperator
[H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle September 1925]
HAVE you ever thought how many men and women secretly and quietly worship God and take God into consideration in their daily affairs?
Many are accustomed to think of God as an essential part of some religion, a fundamental in some creed or dogma. But for every person who seeks God in a definite religion or in some church service, there are hundreds who seek God when alone, unassociated with any creed or any form of churchanity.
An understanding of God, a keener appreciation of God's place in our lives and our place in the consciousness of God, is growing, increasing, daily. We may look with alarm at the changes in orthodoxy and the variations in church creeds. We may feel uneasy about the increase of denominations and the changes from one to another. We may even criticize the broadness of viewpoint that science is injecting into the interpretation of sacred literature. But, one who intimately contacts the private life and personal ideals of the average man and woman finds that there is an increasing respect for the sacred things of life and a more profound and comprehensible love of God.
Men and women in every walk of life have taken God down from the high and impossible throne in the skies and put Him into their hearts. They have rejected the childhood ideas of a physical or etherial being, existing in some distant space surrounded by a Kingdom of Angels, and put a wonderful, indescribable being in their own souls. They have gotten so close to God, so acquainted with God, that He is no longer the unknowable, merciless, severe, distant, austere sovereign, but a real friendly, cheerful, knowable, likable companion.
This implies no lack of real reverence. It means no lessening of respect or true worship. It means, only, the development of God to that place in our lives as God would have it, as the Master Jesus taught His disciples.
The time was when big men of business and men of big business felt that it would be indicative of weakness or child-like emotion to speak of God as being a part of their daily affairs or as being a daily consideration. Not so many years ago things Divine were left for Sunday discussion and discourse, and God as a subject of thought and reverence was left for time and occasion. But, it is not so today; and the trend of human thinking indicates that men and women are getting closer to God and more truly acquainted with God and God's laws than ever in the past. I say this despite the cries of those who say that the church as an institution needs greater support and in the face of increasing religious restlessness.
A few weeks ago I was invited with my wife to visit the home of a Brother and spend the evening in what we thought would be purely social pastimes. During the evening other friends dropped in. The conversation was on all popular subjects for an hour or more until the large library was well filled with friends and some who were unknown to each other. Only three in the room knew of my connection with any metaphysical or mystical organization, and the topics of conversation very slowly approached the line of higher thought.
Among those present were lawyers, insurance men, students, physicians, scientists, business men, their wives, sons, and daughters.  Suddenly someone spoke of the Evolution trial being conducted in Tennessee, and that led to a discussion of the creation of man.
Naturally we discussed our various viewpoints of the laws of Nature and of God's powers. Then, without warning and without expecting such a turn of events, one of the young lawyers suggested that each one of us present take turns in stating our personal opinion of God and what God meant to us.
It was after ten o'clock. A quietness filled the room at once, and as if we were at a trial or a hearing before some sacred council each one of the many present, frankly, reverently, carefully, and beautifully told what God meant to them.
I do not know when I have ever attended so illuminating a session. There were Jews and Gentiles present, and those of various religious denominations. The hours passed. God became more and more revealed. God was in our midst: He was speaking to us through the souls, hearts, minds and brains of young and old, through every creed, every manifestation.
Some told, frankly, of how they made God a partner in their daily affairs. Others told of how God was a partner in business affairs. One man freely admitted that, though he was not a devout attendant at any church, he knew that when he asked God to help him and made a promise to God to assist and cooperate, that his prayer was always answered; and that when he forgot his agreement later, or modified it, God reminded him in various ways. God was his partner in many ways, a guide and advisor. Others told how God was inwardly discernable to them; how He made His Presence known. Others spoke of God as being the most dependable rock in their lives upon which to build and depend for daily support.
Midnight came as the hours passed. Gathered together in another large room for a midnight banquet, intended to be a surprise and an occasion for gaiety and mirth, the subject continued, the lights were lowered and stories were told of the experiences in life each had passed through which made God closer and dearer to them.
Think of such an evening in these days when it is believed by some that you cannot drive men and women to give passing thought to anything sacred!
God has brought it about that man shall evolve to a better understanding of Him. We may conceive of God as a Divine Essence, a Divine Mind, an Universal Spirit, a Great Architect, the Cosmic Consciousness, or in any term that we please, but more and more God is becoming real to us.
Man can have no more dependable friend and companion in his hours of joy or sorrow than God. To each of us God is, or soon shall be, an essential of daily thought and living. We may ignore the fact, we may be unconscious or unmindful of it, but the fact is eternal.
It is only by purposefully, realizingly, making God our companion, that we bring ourselves outwardly in attunement with all the constructive, creative forces of the world as we are inwardly attuned.
To talk with God, intimately, confidentially, frankly, in the privacy of our homes or office, in the open country, in the middle of day as well as the close of day, is a privilege and an ever sustaining blessing. To take God into consideration in all our plans, all our desires, all our ambitions, is to give thought to the most potent factor in our whole existence, a factor that cannot be denied and overlooked without serious effects before the close of life. To smile with God, weep with God, play and work, rest and meditate with God, is to have the most sympathetic and appreciative companion in the world.
The man or woman who makes God a companion in this way, is sure to live right, succeed and avoid the pitfalls and sins of life. With God as our close companion, we cannot do that which would be displeasing, for, would we hurt the heart and soul of a companion who is dear to us? We will not stoop to the unfair, the unjust, the unkind, for we could not look into the face of our Companion and smile with Him thereafter. We will not fail, we cannot meet defeat, if God is our companion, whose word we accept, whose advice we follow, whose cooperation we merit, for God speaks with absolute knowledge, acts with supreme wisdom, directs with complete control and bestows blessings and powers on those who share their trust with Him.
"Thou shalt have no other Gods before me!" refers not only to idols or creeds or dogmas; it refers equally as well to earthly egos. Man has been prone to believe that his mind, his reasoning, his clever deduction and his learning are things to pit against the odds in life. He yields judgment to no man except under pressure or unconquerable conditions. He shares his trust with no being, not even God, in the fullest expression, and for this one reason alone he does not make God the real companion that He may be. This is true today in a lesser degree than it used to be; it is becoming less each day. My plea is to those who have not given it the thought they should give.
Make God your companion today. In meditation reveal God to yourself, reveal yourself to Him as a companion. Place your trust in Him, make Him a partner in your affairs and yield to Him an equal place, at least, in all your doings, all your pleasures, all your sorrows, all your hopes, and aspirations. It will change your course of life, it will bring inspiration, guidance, friendship, success, and Peace Profound.

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