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The Imperator's Monthly Message

[By H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle August 1929]
MY MESSAGE this month is one of encouragement to those who have found the path, and who have sensed the first and early beams of inspiration from the Cosmic Mind.
As I have watched the beautiful roses growing in my garden here in this valley of heart's delight, I cannot help but think of the appropriateness, as well as the reverential significance, of the rose on the cross as one of the emblems of our organization.
There is within each one of us that which is like unto a budding rose. We come into life on this earth and in this material environment as physical part of all that the earth affords, but containing within our beings the rose of God's Consciousness, the flower of Cosmic power and life. And just as the body at birth is young, and weak and small, and helpless, so the soul, great in its wisdom and power, is nevertheless young and helpless in its ability to express. The soul within us is hampered in childhood by the limitations of the physical body and the restrictions and incapabilities of the physical mind and intellect. But this flower of Cosmic Consciousness grows and opens and unfolds like the bud of the rose, until in its fulness, its beauty, and its effulgence of life it must express itself, it must attract attention, and must become the emblem of its law. It is the unfolding of this flower that brings to us Cosmic attunement, Cosmic Consciousness, and Cosmic development. We become unto others and unto the world like the unfolding rose to the passerby. We become a symbol of that which is Divine, that which is good, perfect, and beautiful. The vibrations of our brilliant aura and the fragrance of our emanations radiating the Divine essence of which this flower within us is composed, carries to all a message of beauty, symmetry, rhythm, perfect form, and Divine creation.
Oh, if we would but let the flower blossom early in life, and let the fulness of the bloom of the rose make itself manifest while our bodies are young enough to have a long future of usefulness! Why do some wait and hesitate and doubt? These things hold the flower within and keep it from unfolding and giving forth that which makes it the most beautiful thing in the world. Why not let the Divine power of the whole universe center its beams upon this budding blossom, and let the blossom, in return, carry to the minds of men and women the fragrance and beauty of its life and being? Every moment of meditation in reverence and sacredness, every kindly act, every thought that is in accordance with Cosmic law, and in fulfilment of Divine principle, adds to the beauty of the rose and increases its size and goodness. Let us become so filled with the rose that we are radiating souls in the garden of light, blossoms in the garden of life, and roses in the garden of love.

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