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The Imperator's Monthly Message

[By H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle July 1929]
I HAVE but one thought to bring to our members this month, and that is a thought of appreciation for the opportunity I have had in the past twenty years to carry out the work of the Order, and fulfill the mission that my superior officers in the Order say was truly my mission at this time.
Twenty years ago this month of July, I had reason to believe that I might be permitted to cross some threshold in some portal that led to one chamber of the Order of the Rosy Cross. I knew not where the portal was, nor when nor how I might cross it, but the fact that there was still a chamber in which the spirit of Rosicrucianism dwelt, and that the doorway was still open, was all that I needed to know to feel that my desires and prayers of many years had been realized.
I had come to learn that the Order itself was not a myth, or so dormant that its real life had passed into silence and history; but the additional fact that a seeker might still find an opportunity to enter the ranks and become a humble Neophyte was indeed thrilling and inspiring. Therefore, it was with unusual anticipation and hope that I started on my journey across the high seas toward Europe.
I was conscious, of course, that I might not qualify, or that I might not be deemed worthy of crossing the threshold and entering the chamber; but I was encouraged by the fact that I was to be permitted to know of the chamber and its guardian, and make the contact that would permit me to tell others how they might find the goal of their desires, even if I was found unworthy of entering the chamber myself.
I often think of this incident when I hear of seekers in America who discover so easily where the portal to the first chamber is located, but who regret that they must journey for an hour, or journey for a mile, to reach it. Distance seems to be, to them, an important element in their journey toward the light, and time seems to be a factor that receives undue consideration.
Some in our organization today have waited thirty, forty, and fifty years for an opportunity to cross the threshold. Some have grown old, and reached the last decade of their lives, waiting for an opportunity to enter the organization that once was the light and life of their parents. We have many members in our organization whose parents were at one time members of the Order in foreign lands. These persons have seen emblems and even robes containing the Rosicrucian symbols; and it has been their ambition to follow in the footsteps of their parents. They have waited and waited, and are now happy in the fact that finally they have made the great contact. Others have been seekers but for a few months, and have possibly been too fortunate in making the contact too conveniently, and too quickly. They cannot have the appreciation of the contact that comes only after months of preparation, years of anxiety, and many decades of waiting.
Perhaps our members, generally, have not sensed what has become apparent to all of the higher members, and especially to all of the officers throughout this North American jurisdiction; it is that throughout the world Rosicrucianism is becoming more solidified in its activities and co-operative work, and more systematized in its outer and inner operations. Various jurisdictions throughout the world that were dormant in accordance with the one hundred and eight year cycle law have recently become operative, and other jurisdictions that were operating under temporary restrictions and limitations as a result of the war have become openly active in all phases of the work. The result is a more free and intimate form of intercourse between the various jurisdictions, and the establishment of a more complete fraternal relationship. In America the various contending bodies claiming to operate as mystical, occult, and even Rosicrucian organizations have been reduced to a few in number; and there is today but one universally recognized Rosicrucian organization in America and that is AMORC. There always will be Rosicrucian societies, groups, or clubs of independent origin, but the time has come when these organizations can no longer keep pace with the growth and development of the world-wide organization, nor even continue to pretend to be a part of the regular Order of the Rosy Cross.
Much has been accomplished by the Rosicrucian Order in America in the past twenty years. Its foundations now are excellently laid, and its first structures tower considerably above the heights of the attainments of other metaphysical and mystical societies of a fraternal nature. There is hardly a day that passes that some large newspaper or magazine does not contain an article or a reference regarding the Rosicrucian Order, and these statements are clipped and forwarded to us by our members, that they may be preserved in the record books at Headquarters. Day after day, week after week, sees the work of our organization established in a new community, or among a new group of persons in some part of the continent. More and more the members who have reached the higher grades make reports of achievements and successes in various ways, and enthusiastically give credit to the principles taught in our courses of study.
Men of science, men of learning in various professions and arts, eminent business men, and men of prominent position, reveal themselves almost weekly in the correspondence as having joined secretly and quietly in order to peruse the studies and derive the proper benefits without attracting undue attention to their membership. Their enthusiasm and their highly developed interest in the work forces them ultimately to identify themselves, and reveal the fact that they are now ready and anxious to serve in the great cause and help carry it on to greater heights.
In every possible way the Headquarters of the organization in San Jose has enlarged the scope of its activities, consistent with the Constitution and ethical rules and regulations of the Order, so as to reach out to the greatest possible number of seekers and bring the light within their reach. Hundreds of forms of activities are carried on by the various departments of Headquarters which have no direct bearing upon the actual membership, and have no immediate connection with the regular work of the lodges or regular routine matters of the organization. In every way that is consistent with the ancient and modern regulations of the organization, the knowledge possessed by the Rosicrucians is being carefully but widely spread among those who cannot unite with the organization, but nevertheless need some of the light of knowledge in order to make their lives more happy and successful.
And so it is a period of rejoicing and a period for celebration. At the convention to be held this summer, we anticipate that many important matters will be discussed and brought officially into the routine work of the organization for the benefit of all who are anxious to attain the utmost in right living and right thinking.
Personally I extend to each one of you, wherever you may live, and in whatever grade of the work you may be, an invitation to come and visit Headquarters, and see with your own eyes what is being done and what is being accomplished. Do not forget that the Supreme Temple, the Supreme Lodge, and all of the officers and departments at Headquarters constitute your home and your national center of interests in the work we are doing. We want you to feel that you have a share of interest in our Headquarters and that you are personally a member of the Supreme Lodge in every sense. Therefore, on this occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the present cycle of our organization in America, I send to each one of you the cordial greetings of fellowship, and extend my hand to you as a Brother. I assure you that the organization values your membership as I personally value your friendship and your hearty co-operation in the work that lies before us.

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