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The Imperator's Monthly Message

[By H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle October 1928]
THERE is unquestionably a very wide and intense interest in things metaphysical in America today. I need not refer to other lands, for long ago most of the older countries of the world awakened to the importance of these matters. America was the last of all nations to discover the relative place of the psychic in our lives, and now the populace is keenly interested.
There is no other country in the world that issues and prints so much literature relating to psychology, metaphysics and occultism. Much of it may not be profound--certainly not as profound as the learned writings which appear in limited form abroad. The difference is, however, made up by the very intensity and generosity of the educational program.
It is easy to recall the days when the word psychic or even psychology was associated with the investigation of the spiritualistic presentations; and, but few indeed were willing to give more than a passing thought to the subject in its technical phases.
Today men, women and children are not only familiar with the fact that practical or applied psychology has a very fascinating and important place in our everyday affairs, but that the psychic side of our lives, the metaphysical, is also important and worthy of serious study.
Viewed broadly, a great change has come into American customs with the coming of the interest in these matters. However we may agree with the fundamental arguments and essential claims of the Christian Science doctrines, we must admit that its widespread propaganda and the sincere attempt on the part of millions of persons to live according to some of these claims has greatly aided the other movements, such as the New Thought, Unity, and similar bodies, to free men and women from the pernicious patent medicine habit which was becoming a very serious matter in the lives of many millions.
Within twenty-five years the patent medicine business has been changed. Fully seventy-five percent of the old time dangerous and fraudulent concoctions have disappeared from the drug-store shelf; and the other twenty-five percent have been purged of all "dope" or habit-forming ingredients, and are almost as harmless as they are useless. Even the sale of especially prepared, prescribed mixtures has been greatly reduced and the corner drug store today, in large cities and in small wayside communities, must depend upon the sale of all kinds of merchandise to meet operating expenses. At first the druggists decried the injury to their business, but they now realize that they can make more money with legitimate merchandise, and attract a better class of patrons.
Along with the change in medicines came also the change in quack practices; the advertising specialist, the trick diagnostician and the bragging expert with his mysterious discoveries, have passed on their way.
Men and women of education and thinking proclivities have come to realize that nature will continually strive to maintain health and cure disease if not interfered with and if given the proper mental cooperation. Disease is no longer looked upon as something which results from unconscious acts, but from conscious thinking and doing. This knowledge suggests the rational preventative and cure--right thinking and right living. Modern psychology points out the elementary laws; metaphysics reveals the complete system.
The study of the mystical side of life, as presented by the AMORC for instance, gives men and women an abiding protection, a continual support in the hours of perplexity, and a dependable means for mastering the obstacles to health, happiness and the enjoyment of life's necessities and luxuries.
On every hand, in every gathering, among all groups of persons one will easily find those who are seeking for such knowledge as the AMORC offers. Thousands of workers in the field are bringing to the ranks new recruits, new friends and ever grateful members.
American freedom is sure to become more and more significant; political freedom will be the least of our glories and privileges in the years to come, and every promotor of the Great Work is a potential evolutionist.


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