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The Imperator's Monthly Message

[By H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle June 1928]
How fascinating it is to explore the unknown or the partly known! Undoubtedly it is due to this fascination that man has been tempted to conquer so much of the world, for it led him to journey beyond his horizon and discover the distant, hidden and obscure realms of land and sky.
I read in a recent report from the Orient that there are over fifteen scientific expeditions exploring the surface of the earth in various regions at the present time. Some of these scientific parties are in Egypt investigating the Valley of the Kings, and the early Egyptian civilization, while others are exploring the Maya civilization in the Yucatan here in North America and some the site of the City of David, Carthage, Sardis, and similar places.
As fascinating and instructive as are these explorations, there is still a field, a fertile field, for exploration, closer to each of us, that will yield even more wonderful results and more practical fruits. It is the enormous, unlimited domain of the human mind.
Men have not even scratched the surface of the human mind in his attempts to unearth its secrets and its wealth. Its hidden treasures are of untold value, unimaginable revelations and unthinkable importance. Yet, only a few strive to go beneath the surface while the multitude is quite satisfied to know only what is easily discernable.
Material explorers of the earth's past are challenged daily by realizing that deeper in the body of the earth are covered and concealed chambers of old temples, avenues of ancient cities and store rooms of great palaces. To these obscure places men are determined to delve and make discoveries. No time, no expense, no labor is too great to hold them from their progress in revealing what is just beyond the veil of sight.
But think of the hidden chambers of the mind and soul! Think of the many and varied avenues of approach and progress to the secrets of God that constitute the highways of knowledge in the human consciousness. And, the store rooms in the palace of the Kingdom within! Incomprehensible to the one who has not explored them! Sublime in their mysteries, startling in their unfoldment of knowledge, scintillating in their gems of Light.
Are you an explorer? Or are you just satisfied to read the reports of others who are laboring in the interests of humanity? No greater field for immediate research exists than the mind within your own body. You are closer to it than any other human being. You can reach it more easily and with more efficient equipment than any other explorer. What are you doing about it?

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