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The Imperator's Monthly Message

[By H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle February 1928]
There is great joy in my heart this month. I wish I could share it all with you, my Brothers and Sisters.
The annual reports that are coming in from our branch Lodges and Groups as well as the Grand Colleges or Lodges, shows an enormous growth in the membership. We all knew of course that the Order was growing. We could tell that from the increase in the daily correspondence that reaches my desk, alone. But, we had no idea of the growth in every branch and in every department of our work.
The thing, however, that gives me such joy is the enthusiasm and sincere regard for the Order and its teachings displayed by the thousands of members who are making reports to us. No wonder so many new members come into the Order week after week from the personal recommendations of our members. And, after all is said, that form of propaganda is always the best.
The results the members are obtaining through their experiments and the changes that have been brought into their lives read like tales from fairy books. Surely the good fairies have wafted their magic wand over the lives of most of the members who have reached the higher grades. Even those who have not yet attained, or obtained, that which they desire, realize that the present status of their lives is a temporary condition due to the changes that are taking place. Few forget that in the process of evolving, building or modifying, there are stages when conditions are upset, abnormal and not always happy. But, the changes going on, even the unpleasant conditions, indicate growth and a forward movement.
And now comes the Rosicrucian New Year. On March 21, 1928, the new Rosicrucian Year of 3281. Elsewhere more is said about this. But it is surely a happy year for all of us at Headquarters. Nineteen years ago I promised the officers in Europe that I would strive to make the Order in America a real credit to the Order throughout the world. I trust that the present status of the Order and the love and enthusiasm of the members here at the present time are but faint indications of what will be accomplished in the next ten or twenty years. If the present rate of growth continues, just another two years will see more accomplished than I dreamed of accomplishing in the whole remainder of my life.
I must thank each and every one of my Brothers and Sisters for the wonderful help, support and loving encouragement they have given. God will bless each one of you and my heart shall eternally go out to all of you in appreciation and love.

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