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Imperator's Monthly Message

[By H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle November 1927]
WE wonder how our Pilgrim and Puritan Fathers could have found anything comforting in the austere religion under which they bowed and how they could give thanks at Thanksgiving time when we consider the conditions under which they labored. Their humility we do not understand; their resignation we could not copy. They were men, however, as William Brewster wrote, "whom small things could not discourage."
How is it with us? Strong men relish stern thoughts. Their faith was piety and an humble purpose; a great hope and inward zeal of laying some good foundation as stepping-stones for those who should come after them. James Russell Lowell wrote of them: "Faith in God, faith in man, faith in work was the short formula in which we may sum up the teachings of the founders of New England"--and of our whole country.
My Thanksgiving message to you all is to believe in that eternal justice through which that which is real abides and that which is in the nature of pretence vanishes. Always through the earnest desire has come such achievement as the world has known. Every loyal obedience to the inner call of duty, every attempt at speaking bravely the thing that is within one's own heart, every attempt to utter kindness and goodwill brings us into connection with the whole history of the upward movement of the world. One who thus faces life has no fear of putting forth to the full all the power that is within him.
The great mistakes of the world have never come through too much effort, through too great ideals. The world cannot be moved by mere wilfulness; and that which belongs to our wilfulness, to our mistakes, we may leave to that kindly oblivion which covers all things in the end, but what remains is the love of truth, the sincere desire and the generous ardor. We must acquit ourselves like men, be the odds against us or with us, and work out for those who shall come after us a better world than we enjoy. It seems to be true that men have found less comfort in spiritual things as their lives have been more softly couched in comforts. Contact with the sorrows of the world, the human touch with evolving mankind, and the struggles, strifes and challenges met on the Path only fire and strengthen the one who is truly actuated by noble ideals. Truth, justice and love conquer always.

"How grateful are we, O, glorious God, for Thy bounties and Thy eternal life which abideth everywhere for all beings and to the glory of all peoples.  We adore Thee!  We worship Thee!  Thy being riseth with us as Thy great symbol of light riseth daily on the horizon and bringeth all men to their knees at sunset.  We give thanks to Thee eternally and forever and ever!"--Amenhotp IV, founder of our Brotherhood.

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