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Imperator's Monthly Message

[By H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle October 1927]
THE summer is over and the days and evenings of work, study and promotion are here. We know what this means to the average member, for the interest in the work increases and the enthusiasm also increases. But the fall really offers everyone an excellent opportunity in so many different ways.
Start in now and make arrangements to attend lectures, libraries, Church, Sunday School and other means of education and self-improvement. Carry this out throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring and you will turn long evenings and cool Sundays into profit.
Encourage some educational work in your neighborhood. In even the smallest communities the public school can be used in the evenings for lectures and discourses. Talk about it and see if you cannot arouse interest. Travelogues, scientific lectures accompanied by moving pictures, an evening with Shakespeare, and other items are possible through various lecture boards working on a philanthropic basis. In larger communities the public schools have such lectures during the winter and the Churches encourage them. Do your share and help them in every possible way.
Make your public library a place of study. Even lectures are possible there, also. If you live in a community where there is no public library and there should be one and there are sufficient persons in the neighborhood to patronize a small one, write to me personally about it and I will see that the library is started. Benjamin Franklin, one of our early Rosicrucian brothers, started that idea and the Rosicrucians have fostered libraries in America ever since.
If your Church has no adult Bible Class, go and urge it and solicit members for it. You will be surprised at the real interest that can be found and the profit, mentally and spiritually, that will come from such an institution.
If there is no group of students of psychology or mysticism in your community or neighborhood, get busy at once and help us and others to start one. Write to us about it and we will tell you how you can make this possible. It need not be a Rosicrucian or an AMORC group--but a real study group, for all the schools of higher thought.
Let us unite in sharing, encouraging and promoting higher thinking, better living and more wonderful evolution in the mental and spiritual realm of mankind.

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