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Imperator's Monthly Message

[By H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle July 1927]
ON THE fourteenth day of June the American nation celebrates a day known as Flag Day. It is a day given over to honor for the greatest of all American symbols.
Little do we realize the important place that symbols have in our lives. We easily recall the sacrifices and noble deeds performed through the inspiration of the national symbol, the flag, but we must stop to think of how other symbols affect our daily lives.
The materialist will speak at once of the symbol of money, and the idealist will say that he is right, especially in America, where the dollar mark is almost worshipped as a divine hieroglyph. The chemist will speak of the fact that he can sit down at a table with pencil and pad and, without a single tube or vessel, a drop of liquid or a grain of mineral, work out complicated chemical actions and reactions, inventing and discovering chemical formulas, solely with the use of symbols. In fact, his work in the laboratory is a dutiful observance of respected symbols. The astronomer, the mathematician, the engineer, the geologist and botanist, devote many hours of their waking consciousness to the fantastical association of signs and symbols.
The business man has his code-marks of costs and charges; the salesman his symbols of references; the stenographer her symbols of sounds; the printer his signs of fonts and sizes; the author his symbols of corrections; the physician his symbols of quantities and directions; the telegrapher his signs of words and abbreviations. And so one may go on endlessly.
The mystic, too, has his symbols and signs, and, despite his close attention to their character and import, he is no more reverential in his devotion to them than any we have mentioned. He may say that to him they are symbols of the most important affair in the universe--life and its living; but so would the materialist speak of the money sign, and the chemist of his symbols.
To Rosicrucians the greatest of all symbols is the Rosy Cross. But its importance does not lie in the fact that it is Rosicrucian, but that the Cross is the oldest of all material symbols and the Rose the most beautiful of all inspiring and sacred symbols. Both of them are of extreme importance to all the classes of men I have mentioned above. And as the national Flag is justly a symbol that means protection to all citizens, so the Rosy Cross is a symbol that ensconses all beings.
Truth can make us free only after the dazzling scintillations of
untruth have lost their power to enslave us.

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