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Imperator's Monthly Message

[By H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Mystic Triangle June 1927]
Again Summer is here, and the wonderful weather, with the happy expressions of life and beauty throughout all nature, makes us realize what a marvelous method nature has in demonstrating the continuity of life.
Each year is a cycle of rebirth, mature expression, decline and transition. We are now at the beginning of the period in this yearly cycle when nature reaches mature expression and when she, in all her fulness of beauty, life, vitality, hope and inspiration, will impress us for weeks and months with the magnificence of her blessings. Then will come the Fall, with the period of rest and change typical of the last days in the lives of all living things. This is followed by the Winter, when everything that lives passes through nature's process of transmution. All life seems to leave the earth in the Northern Hemisphere and we are impressed then with the fact that just before rebirth in the Spring there is a necessary period of change which men have come to call "death."
How well nature proves to us, however, that there is no death! We know from experience, if we do not know from intuition, that the leaves that disappear from the trees, and the trees that become barren and cold and dreary looking and seemingly lifeless, spell no such thing as death in the sense that life has entirely gone and that what was once a spirit and vitality now ceases to exist. We know that this great force or energy is but asleep, so far as its outer manifestation is concerned, and that somewhere in the secret places of reserve the great force that is so manifest in the rest of the cycle is now active in processes which we cannot see but which will become evident in a short time. We know that the grassless ground, the budless plants, are still alive with that same eternal energy that holds the entire universe in its magic spell.
Men count on the rebirth of life in nature and proceed, all through the winter period of transition and so-called death, to make their plans for the time when life will manifest again, when the trees that seem dead and the plants that seem lifeless will speak out again to us with the message of eternal vitality, eternal life, eternal beauty. Man is so sure of this rebirth of life that he proceeds to plant in this seemingly lifeless ground the seeds of the future, the seeds of his needs and desires, with the assurance that nature's great processes will manifest again, as they have through all the ages, and prove that life is eternal.
If man could only show the same faith, the same conviction in regard to his own life, in regard to the vitality, the force, the energy, the spirit that resides within his own being! If he could only come to realize that he may now be in the mature expression of the fullness of his present cycle of existence, that the period of rest and decline that is inevitable is but the next stage in that cycle, to be followed by the period of transition, that after this has had its opportunity to carry on the great processes that are necessary, the vitality and life that are within him will be reborn again, and that during the period of decline and change it is his opportunity to plant the seeds of desire, the seeds of hope, the seeds of his need that they, too, may take root and in due season blossom forth in all their fulness, in all their greatness, in all of the blessing that they can bestow.
And so, for the next few months, we will enjoy the fulness of nature's mature expression and it may be that we will become mindful of the fact that we, too, now are enjoying the fulness of life and that we should get the utmost out of it--not only in our own behalf, but in behalf of those who may not understand, by pointing out to them the lesson of nature, the lesson that speaks and says so plainly that life is eternal, that life is continuous, life is one grand song measured, bar after bar, in rhythm, in harmony, and in joy.

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