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The Death Ray

By The Imperator
[H. Spencer Lewis]
[From The Rosicrucian Digest October 1934]
SO much has been written and spoken in recent years regarding the discovery of a "death ray" and a great number have recalled that there were veiled references to such a scientific achievement in the writings of Marie Corelli, that a large portion of the Rosicrucians in North America are anxious to know something definite about the death ray and its possibilities.
In the first place, a ray or beam of vibrations or radiations that can destroy living matter is not something new. Some of the fish in the sea and some animals living above and on the surface of the earth have the ability to send from their bodies certain invisible electric, magnetic, or other forms of energy or vibrations which destroy living matter.
There have been known to science for many years certain radiations from electrical tubes which will destroy living tissue, and even the very valuable natural product known as radium is destructive because of the destructive qualities of its emanations.
The radiations from the average X-ray tube are highly destructive and that is why the operators of X-ray equipment and the nurses and attendants at such places must protect themselves from it. It is said that a few seconds' use of the X-ray upon the human body sterilizes such bodies by destroying all of the vital reproductive cells within the body and certainly the rays also destroy diseased tissue or other living cells that are healthy and unhealthy. These rays from the X-ray tube can reach to a great distance and cause destructive manifestations. In one notable case an elderly woman living in a wheel chair at her window a thousand feet away from a hospital room where the X-ray was being used, was gradually burned by the X-ray which reached from the hospital across an open park to where she was sitting at her window during the daytime.
From all of this it can be seen that science has not revealed a new law or any principle in nature in developing anything that might be called a death ray. On the other hand, in a certain laboratory, presided over by eminent specialists, the location and name of which I cannot reveal, there was developed a special form of invisible radiating energy that could reach out to considerable distances and at certain focal points cause all living matter to become immediately inactive and a breaking-down process to begin at once. This very wonderful application of natural laws was discovered and evolved just a few years ago and in all of the early experiments it was conclusively proved and demonstrated that as the dual energies that constitute this beam were brought to focalize upon each other at a distant point or directed in unison to a distant point, a terrific destruction of living matter of all kinds would immediately result. The beam was passed over vegetation and small animals, over trees and larger growing things and there was an immediate destruction of life.
It must be apparent to everyone that such a scientific achievement constitutes one of the most marvelous and at the same time most horrible means of destruction. If such an invisible beam were focused upon and moved across a large army of men, it would annihilate the army and bring immediate cessation to all of their activities. From the tests made it would seem that if such a beam were focused upon an airplane or battleship, not only would all human beings upon them be destroyed but there would be set up a counter-action in the electronic vibrations and atomic structure of the airplane or battleship that would cause many of its elements to fall apart and to weaken them and cause them to explode or disintegrate.
The question often asked is why the discovery and invention has not been applied in recent warfare activities and why the method has not been offered to one of the countries of the world for use in warfare.
My understanding in this regard is based upon some very intimate knowledge, and I am happy to say that the men who have worked upon this great scientific achievement have been not only reluctant to let the world know anything about it, but have been reluctant to allow the process to be used for warfare. There is a popular story to the effect that the process has been offered to the United States and either refused or accepted and buried away to prevent anyone from using it. I do not know how true this is, but I do not believe it to be true. I believe that the process has been demonstrated to certain officials of several governments only as a warning of what might be achieved or attained in some other laboratories at some time in the future.
I know, however, that those who are in possession of this great secret process do not want it used for warfare and are cooperating with Cosmic principles in preventing the misuse of it. The process probably has some very legitimate constructive use in various activities of the world, but to release it to any one government for use would be manifestly unfair from a Cosmic point of view. Any one government owning and possessing such a process exclusively and developing it so that it could be used by a large army of specialized workers on airplanes, battleships, and land, would soon be able to conquer all other nations and destroy much of the world in any ambitious campaign directed toward that end. To release such knowledge freely to all nations would mean to tempt them all to use it and in such a campaign the governments of the world might soon destroy each other and all of the nations or peoples bringing the greatest havoc that the world has ever seen.
Think of the predicament in which scientists would find themselves upon realizing that they had discovered and evolved such a process and further realizing that what they held in their laboratory or in their minds as a process could destroy the world or wipe out of existence other nations and other governments. What restless nights and what a terrific sense of dire responsibility must weigh upon them! Is it any wonder, then, that such men have been reluctant to demonstrate or make known their process except to a secret few and then only with the reservation of the real secret whereby the process might be applied or used in a general manner for warfare?
Certainly, the Cosmic would step in and reveal to others in such circumstances, just what has recently been discovered in another laboratory; namely, a neutralizing wave that probably will succeed in neutralizing some of the effects of this "death ray." In other words, the Cosmic is already revealing to some men a safeguard against this destructive process, but fortunately the men who possess the real knowledge regarding the death ray are not making themselves any party to the darker forces of the universe in destroying life and property. For this reason, it is more than likely that the death-ray will remain a secret for many years or many centuries.
It is not in keeping with Cosmic law that any one nation, any one government, or any small group of individuals shall conquer and destroy the rest of the world. Any nation or group of individuals having such an ambition would soon find that their desires were bringing destruction to themselves. It is an immutable law of the Cosmic that he who seeks to destroy because of selfish ambitions, or he who seeks to conquer undeservingly, sooner or later destroys himself or is conquered by those who will restrain his cruel ambitions.
I hope, therefore, that our members will understand the real problems involved in connection with this and similar scientific discoveries and achievements and that in talking about the potential and possible powers that one group of individuals may have over others throughout the world, they will remember that the Cosmic creative and productive laws have maintained increasing numbers of human life on this planet and are furthering the advancement of human existence by protecting it and safeguarding it against unnecessary destruction and that only that form of destruction through famines, disease, pestilence, storms, and strifes, which constitute a part of the evolutionary processes of the world, are tolerated by Cosmic law as necessary in the great scheme of things and that man has never been given the right, nor will he be permitted to assume the right of making himself or his group of associates conquerors of the world or the direct and immediate destroyers of any large portion of human existence or of human activities.

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