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Causes of Psychic Inharmony

 By Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, F.R.C.
[From The Rosicrucian Digest October 1957]
This reprint from one of the writings of Dr. Lewis
has not previously appeared in this publication.
IF I were to outline the causes of inharmony between the psychic body and the Cosmic, the list would be longer than the average medical physician's list of symptoms and diseases. We can easily group these causes under several broad classifications, however, and this will give you a fair understanding of what they may be. In the first place, the psychic body is often affected by the physical body that encloses it. We must bear in mind that the physical body is like a shield or an armor that surrounds the psychic body and acts as a neutralizing medium between the psychic body and the Cosmic vibrations around us. If we allow the physical body to become abnormal in various ways, we are sure to affect the aura of the psychic body; and this effect upon the aura will cause a lowering of the degree of harmony between the psychic and the Cosmic.
Now do not misunderstand me. I do not mean that the physical body can become diseased and that this diseased condition will affect the psychic body and then the psychic inharmony will affect the diseased body. That would be going around and around in circles and would be much like trying to solve the problem as to which came first, the hen or the egg in the history of a chicken.
Actual disease of the physical body always comes as a result of a wrong condition in the physical body aside from disease. For instance, if a person does not eat properly or does not eat often enough and becomes weak and emaciated, or the blood becomes very thin and poor or the body becomes overtired or worn out or strained or unduly chilled and cold, he will have an abnormal condition in the physical body without any actual disease. These abnormal conditions are bound to have some effect upon the psychic body's harmony with the Cosmic. On the other hand, if the blood and nervous system of the physical body are upset or thrown out of balance, there may be no disease in the body and yet the physical body will be abnormal and this too will affect the psychic body's attunement with the Cosmic.
But the principal effect upon the psychic body that causes it to get out of harmony with the Cosmic is the influence of our brain and emotions. Thoughts of anger, hatred, enmity, jealousy, or any other unkind, unpleasant or destructive thought greatly affects the psychic body because the emotional part of our nature is part of the psychic system and very closely connected with it.
In fact, we cannot have any emotional experience without its reaction upon the psychic body. Joyful, pleasant, happy, constructive emotions or thrills are like tonics to the psychic body. They fill it with strength and help to attune it with the Cosmic. Every time you have a pleasant thrill through doing some altruistic, kind, or loving act for someone else, or even for yourself, you are toning the psychic body to its highest Cosmic pitch. That is why we urge our members to keep cheerful, happy, joyous, and at peace.
When the brain and emotional activities of the human body are at peace, there is a maximum amount of harmony existing between the psychic body and the Cosmic. Emotions that are the reverse of these produce a reverse effect. Five minutes of anger, with the temper and nervous system strained to its utmost, throws the psychic system out of harmony; it is like throwing the balance wheel of a clock off its pivot. The whole machinery of the human system is thus thrown out of balance and there is complete disharmony with immediate actions and reactions that are detrimental.
Subtle Destruction
The worst thoughts and worst emotional effects are those resulting from concealed or long-harbored enmities and thoughts that do not express themselves outwardly very often but are held deeply in the nature. Very often those whom we examine and question because of their problems frankly admit to us that the only destructive thought they have had in mind is one that they very seldom "express," but which they carefully keep hidden and buried so that it never comes out.
Usually this deep-seated destructive sensation is one of jealousy or enmity. They dislike some individual near them so greatly and so deeply that every time they think of him there is a shudder or shock of hatred that goes through their entire emotional system and that means that it goes through the entire psychic body and system. Or there is some individual whose success or position in life or worldly possessions they envy, and they cannot bear that person's name mentioned or think of him for a moment without feeling a deep shock.
These persons seem to think that so long as they do not go out and face this person and quarrel with him or do not rave like a maniac about him that they are holding the destructive emotions within them and not allowing them to have any effect. This is where the serious mistake is made because it would be far better if the emotion was of an explosive nature and came out in a few minutes of anger and then was done forever. Holding it within the system for days, weeks, months, or years is like holding a slow poison in the system that is constantly doing its damage.
On the other hand, deceitful or wilfully planned acts of injustice or acts lacking mercy and love have their reaction upon the psychic body also. The man who plans to cheat someone out of a small amount of money or out of some just debt or some benefit that should go to another person and succeeds in carrying it out may feel victorious in what he has gained but he has injured his psychic body by it just as though he had fired a revolver shot through the entire psychic system and injured it in a physical sense. The person who tells a falsehood about another and causes him an injury, a loss, a worry, or a pain of a serious nature has injured his own psychic system far more seriously than he has injured the other person.
This is the sort of thing that throws the psychic body out of harmony with the Cosmic, and there is only one way in which the psychic body can be brought back to a normal condition: first, by getting out of the human mind and human emotions any hidden or concealed destructive emotions or thoughts; and second, by changing the attitude to joy and peace, universal love and kindness, and making some compensation for any recent injury that has been done to another.
In the medical world physicians seem to think that a physic is one of the most necessary things in curing any disease because it clears the body of any poisons. The word physician comes from the fact that in the earliest days of medicines physics were the first things used and the most important things considered. I wish it were possible for everyone to realize that a physic for the mental and psychic part of the body or emotional part of the body is far more important than one for the physical part of the body. If the physical body needs purging to get rid of poisons in it, certainly the psychic part needs the same thing more often.
I have talked with and written to hundreds of members who have been trying to get themselves in proper attunement and who did not need their physical physic but certainly needed a psychic one. They needed to be washed with the pure waters of Cosmic love in the same manner that pious people believe that they should be washed with "the blood of the lamb."
Whatever may be your illness, physical or mental, whatever may be your problem in life, remember that the first step is to get in attunement with the Cosmic. The secondary step should be a true house cleaning of the emotional and psychic part of your nature. Purge yourself of all emotions and thoughts, and especially deeply hidden thoughts, that may be destructive, unkind, or inharmonious. Try to get your soul filled with sunshine, with laughter. How often have you heard it said that certain persons are well and happy and prosperous because they have such a natural sense of humor.
The reason for this is that persons who enjoy humor and have a keen sense of humor are usually free of any deeply concealed or destructive emotions. They are usually ready to laugh and smile at even the person who injures them. They never express resentment and they see the happy, sunshiny, glorious side of life that is as full of fun and laughter as it can be. Let sunshine fill your soul and you will keep yourself Cosmically attuned; then any illness or physical abnormality that may come to your physical body because of any momentary inharmonious condition will be wiped out by the next moment's abundance of Cosmic attunement.

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