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The Rosicrucian Manual
an Appreciation

By Raymund Andrea,
Grand Master AMORC, Great Britain.
[From The Mystic Triangle December 1927]
The advent of the "Rosicrucian Manual" marks an epoch in the history of our Order. It is of such general and particular interest to every member that I feel I must say a word about it. The comprehensive range of subjects and the extent of the information comprised in it have already been noticed in the advertisement in the magazine, and that should be sufficient to convince our members that the Manual has a personal message for them.
It is not my intention to comment upon the many valuable sections of the book. I just select one of special interest, part ten, which deals with the work of the Great White Lodge, the attainment of illumination and the Rosicrucian Code of Life. It is characteristic of the Rosicrucian Order that it expounds truth from an unique standpoint. No matter what information we already possess, when we approach the temple of Rosicrucian science and practice we are sure to encounter a stream of knowledge which places the particular subject dealt with in a distinctive setting, reflects a new light and reveals peculiar applications of many aspects of truth of which we were more or less ignorant.
Such is the case regarding the matter before us in this section, hence its great value. It may be considered indispensable to every member entering upon our work; for he is shown here just what his objective is and what is the true method of procedure; what Cosmic initiation really is and what is the Cosmic awakening which follows.
The material on psychic awakening and development is direct and pertinent, and if the new member will take to heart the facts given he will probably be saved some future discouragement. These facts are precisely those which one is so often called upon to embody in correspondence with members who do not realize the laws involved in development. The question of progress and delay is naturally one of the commonest themes in this correspondence, therefore the information given on this question cannot fail to be of much interest and practical assistance.
The topic of special service rendered to members in the course of their studies is treated and should be instrumental in increasing their confidence in the work of the Order and in themselves. The value of consistent contact with the Order is outlined and the possible consequences of negligence in permitting lapse of membership.
Special opportunities to progress are discussed and the points given cannot be too carefully observed. Members receive hints from the inner side which may lead to important objective results. Other topics bearing directly upon the work and progress follow.
The Rosicrucian Code of Life which appears in this section is of real value. It reveals in a singular manner the distinctive cast of Rosicrucian thought and teaching. The Code consists of thirty rules concerning the daily life of the Rosicrucian and are remarkably penetrating; they search every chamber of consciousness and quicken the desire for nobler living. Merely to read this Code is an inspiration: to live it will impart that strength, dignity and grace which are fundamental to the principles of the Order and influential in the personal sphere.
I have alluded to one section only; but the Manual is replete with general information of value. I would like to refer to the Sixth Grade Temple References. Under this heading is given a series of valuable charts hitherto only passed on to members who have reached the Sixth Grade. This is a privilege to all members below the Sixth Grade. They have before them now for study in advance these charts and the accompanying explanations, and the opportunity of assimilating this knowledge beforehand will prove of great assistance when they reach the Sixth Grade.
It only remains to say that the format of the Manual is all that could be desired and reflects considerable credit on the compilers and on the Brother who has performed this exceptional act of service to the Order in publishing it.

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